Mic not working due to the most recent Windows 10 update

The latest update from Windows changed a few things from the way I am used to using my PC. One was with my Sennheiser headset. The mic quit. Also I use to be able to “Quickly” change from headset to external sound in the audio control panel accessed through the Taskbar and I even had the device icons correct. The update changed the icons to default and the mic stopped working. I figured out the solution for the mic but I am a bit concerned that the reason for doing this was so Windows or some APP can listen full time. Lucky I have a mic that shuts off when not pulled down in front of my mouth. But the extra steps I have to do to switch between the external speakers and the headset now did not make things better. I thought this what the Devs are always trying to do, make things easier and better. It pisses me off when Windows updates change my settings from what I took the pain staking time to set up because it’s the way I like to use my PC. I wish there was other options but I can’t get my head around Linux and how that works and I’m not a Mac guy. I did send feedback to Microshit expressing my heartfelt opinion.

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