Wiki Meta Talk

For now I’ve made this general talk page for all things wiki category and wiki posts.

Post here to chat about any wiki topics rather than within those topics so we can keep them clean and on point.

(May look to improve how we do this as we go on)


Even tho it is in the sidebar. I shall shamelessly self promote. Because everyone here is totally using a motherboard.


I have added my boards :smiley:

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Quick tip. If you want an image to appear beside the topic title it will take the first image in the thread.

You can also make a neater description if the first line or two summarise the topic. About 2 lines is the maximum before it cuts off the text in the topic description.


Ill try this out sometime. I moved mine over Its nice to see the wikis given a proper home

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I think that the wiki thread should not have discussion on things that do not directly relate to the topic at hand. End the free flow in the wikis. Keep it narrow and on point. Lets not waste people’s time.

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This is what I envision as well. I think it may even be worth having wiki topics start closed so there are no replies and you just edit the wiki page. If anyone has thoughts on how they’d like to see it later out that would be cool.

That’s why I’m partial to an external source, like a github pages of the wiki that anyone can fork and submit PR. In an organized manner.

That or gitbook.

I don’t think this forum is useful tool for such a specific need, and although a wiki tool exists I feel like is a shoehorn solution.

You can use a hammer as a screwdriver, but why would you?


Yeah we had talked about the options, and existed as an experiment as well. @wendell wanted to try out this route. I think there’s benefits and drawbacks in either scenario.

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I mentioned gitbook to, and I’m serious about this project.

I think we should have an open community project, and who ever comes up with the best solution as determined via a poll, becomes the official one.

So we all go do what we think is best, then the vote. Then come what may.

Furthermore, I understand the desire to keep it local. Which is why I propose we have a gitlab instance running for L1 at like where the wiki would be, and any other community projects.

Since hosting gitlab community is free, can be done onsite, yeah its one more thing to maintain, but I think it would really make the community shine apart from the rest. They could even make a video about it like with the storage server from tech surplus stuff.

@Eden thoughts?

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Concise and to the point will greatly be appreciated even if I struggle with that on a daily basis.

I agree with that…maybe amendments or something as things change.

Gogs git is best hosted git :smiley:


What are your thoughts?

@Dynamic_Gravity I will reply back later tonight after work.

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Not bad. Definitely more minimalist, but would do the job.

Why not just put everything in a Google drive? Tho, I do like Git’s presentation layout.

Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

I run a site that mainly does tutorial content focused on virtualization. Can I syndicate them here in their own section? I’d rather not rewrite/reformat all of them but I want to share the knowledge regardless.

It’s coming…

@anon79053375 up to you how you want to manage the topic. Can merge the contents into the one post or I can wikifi both posts.

See some of the others for examples. I’ve added a contribution section to my wiki post for example just so it’s more visible who adds to it.