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Which is your favorite game


The threads about recent?! Not sure if there is a thread for all time games?
Looks quite fun though :grinning:



For what it is worth my favourite game is still GTA Vice City.



Thanks, @tomtalk24 for letting me know about X4 Foundations. It looks like it is something I would be interested in. I have a quick question, would you suggest I purchased and play the other X games first before playing X4?

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Not really mate. They are all kinda the same explore, trade, defend, get rich sorta thing. And the learning curve is huge. You can learn about the lore and species else where.
Check out some game play videos, as I wouldnt want someone to buy something then not like it. I did this with Elite Dangerous.



You ever go to the police station to get the uniform then go down to the Airport to steal the helicopter then spend hours doing the “Brown Thunder” Vigilante mission to make hundreds of millions of fake money?

That is one thing I miss from the older GTA games, there was always a few broken ways to make a ton of money. Now if you want a ton of money you have to buy it or have a whole crew that can flawlessly run certain missions.



I did enjoy playing the missions, but had no need for the cash. Between the businesses making money and the hidden packages giving weapons I had all I needed. I have 100% completion on it which is rare for me.



If were going by hours then Space Engineers(2791h) and Animal Crossing (1893h) are my clear winners.

But if where going with games I could revisit at any time; it would be a toss up between the Half life and Halo franchise.
Runner up would be the first Deus Ex, the Ezio trilogy of Assassins creed, Portal/Gmod, Witcher 3 and the newer Wolfenstein/Doom games.



Only game I play anymore. Used to like Counter-Strike and Siege, hate them now.



Tough. Between quake, counter strike, fable, and privateer gemini gold.



fffable lost chaptas

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Have you ever try other series of GTA?
GTA 5 is the best series currently going in a boom.

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Yes, I have played them all. 5 is really good, but Vice City is over all my favourite, I love all then parts of it. 2 is also really good as well.



My alltime fav has to go to Diablo 2. I lost basically my whole childhood to that game. I played it obsessively over years. We made LAN Partys, and would start on CS1.6 or such, but after an hour or two we would be on Diablo 2 Local multiplayer and not leave for 3-4 days.

More Recently i’ll be going against the whole “experience” thing. My favorite is shared between Rocksmith(2014) and Overwatch. The first one is a game i could/can probably play until the end of time. No Multiplayer, no Improvements needed and it just works. With Custom DLC available i’ve got enough content to keep me entertained until i die.
Overwatch is getting more stale lately. But it’s still a favorite as i play it with friends. We meet basically every evening and hang out an hour or two to do some matches. The game isn’t as entertaining as others, but time with friends beats better games for me any time.

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Lately, enjoying a bit of apex legends, even though I’m not too good. I suspect I’ll play it a bit more and then shelve it. Same with latest destiny 2 dlc- I like the game, but too grindy to pull me in for what time I do have.

All time… You know it, I know it, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.



I didn’t play GTA 2 as I started with the GTA 5.



It is the best of the old 2D GTAs, 3 large cities, interesting gangs and it has a gang loyalty system where you need to do things for them to get missions, but working for one gang will anger another. It also had lots of little side things to do like the rampages, and hidden packages. It is very fun.

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finally someone thinks alike

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Arcade: Bubble Bobble

FPS: Doom 1+2 with all the wads there are, tied with Shadow Warrior (1997)

Sandbox: Minecraft (most mindfuck/revolutionary shit at the time, played it since infdev. Still play it with modpacks like FTB. Tied closely with Factorio (my new crack cocaine)

RTS: Total Annihilation followed closely by Supreme Commander

RPG: Baldurs Gate 2

MMO: Anarchy Online

Platform: Cosmos Cosmic Adventure

Racing: Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge

Action: SPYRO THE DRAGON :ok_hand: literally better than Dark Souls

The 3dfx era of gaming was the epitome for me along with the amiga era and early epic megagames and apogee releases on the IBM PC.

new gaming is trash, it’s only downhill from here

*sips *

LMAO download



I do play a lot of Dayz, I know that’s not a single player game but I have always played it that way. Lone wolf, avoiding contact with other players keeping to myself out in the back woods. Exploring and surviving out in the wild.

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I played KOTOR yesterday. Started playing ~15 years ago. I replay it once every few years…

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