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Which is your favorite game


I like how you describe PUBG and cod as roleplaying games…


Hmm, really hard to say!
I think its either Burnout 3 Takedown, GTA San Andreas or Yakuza Kiwami but i really can’t rank them since they’re such different beasts.


But it is role playing.


Checkmate, purists.


Action/Adventure: Spider-Man on PS4

I love comic books, I love Spider-Man, and I love event based video games. Holy shit did this check all three boxes. Incredible story that is still full of surprises, despite the audience knowing exactly what the twist is going to be. Tear jerking ending, as well. New Game+ options as well as tons of content for fans of the comic book series, animated series, and movies.


RPG: Divinity Original Sin 2

Remember that time you and your friends got together for that one epic D&D campaign? You remember. It started very well crafted, beautifully told, and the DM was very fair that evening… Until you all got plastered. Then things got kind of weird. The DM was pulling references from Alien and DUNE, while getting antagonists mixed up with lovable NPCs. Oddly enough, it still worked out perfectly. You’ve spent your whole life trying to relive or duplicate that experience, and everything fell short… Until now.

Strategy: Total War WARHAMMER

Remember that time you and your friends were playing Total War and said, “Guys, this game would be badass with dragons and wizards and magic and undead and orcs…”? Well, that’s Total War: WARHAMMER. Half RPG, half turn based strategy, half real time strategy. WARHAMMER and Total War are meant to be. Insane amounts of depth and a seemingly endless campaign, you are rewarded on perseverance and aggression. No matter your play style, you’ll definitely be catered to on this game.


DOOM/DOOM 2 and Skullgirls are the games i keep coming back to time after time.


Talking about RPG, my favorite game is still Minecraft (:yum:) (Mods!) and I think it outperformed Civ4 (Mods!) and Heroes of Might and Magic 3, but I love all of them


I have that on GOG… I really need to go back and play it again…



I love a good survival sandbox game. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Space Engineers. They’re just about to release a new update with some really cool features and blocks for survival mode and with it they are finally leaving public beta. I haven’t put this much time into a game since my Minecraft days.

Been playing Splitsie’s “Survival Unlikely” scenario with friends and been really enjoying the challenge. Just landed on Mars and started a refinery base while fending off space pirate drones.


Which you say? What are my options?


Killing Floor 1 and 2 are up there…

Now if I can just get the people I play with to go back to Shadow Warrior 2 for awhile…


I was following Space Engineers closely. Find it quite good this far, but I don’t buy any early access game it is just to risky imo.
I keep it in mind, maybe after my exams phase :wink: .


COD is the shooter video game.
& PUBG is quite different.


As a Dragon Ball fan, I love Xenoverse 2. I feel that it’s what the first Xenoverse should’ve been. I’m hoping that Xenoverse 3 will have more characters from Dragon Ball Heroes franchise. I kinda go for the female characters since we don’t see a lot of it in Dragon Ball. Sucks that EAC not working well on Steam Play causes me to not play multiplayer.

Mass Effect franchise will always have a place in my heart. I cannot stop playing it, even Mass Effect: Andromeda (unpopular opinion, but it’s a fun game). My favorite romance partners are Tali (as male Shepard), Liara (as female Shepard), & Peebee.
Still working out the kinks with it on Linux. In Mass Effect 3, borderless windowed mode causes the display to get placed in the middle, and I’m trying to cover the panels on my desktop when the game turns on. Right now, I’m just using bordered mode.

Life is Strange has such a great story I cried in some parts of it, and it takes a lot to make me cry, IMO. I kinda relate with Max.

Tekken 7 is such a fantastic game. Feels really slick.


I normally play GT5


Dont hit me… But Fallout 76.
Only been a month or so, and I know it wont last forever (like any game really). Not played much else recently, been too busy.

Oh and the first Mafia, on a mish to complete it. Just out of respect to Daniel Vávra for the turd 2K/Hanger/Take Two/Whatever took on his work that is Mafia 3.


Fuck that, represent. Funny how people that actually play it seem to actually enjoy it :wink:


Funny how people that don’t enjoy it don’t play it…


Check out X4 by Egosoft, its a little Marmite. Depends on your game style. But a slow solo space empire builder, im happy with it :slight_smile: Just need the time, as its real slow at first!

Sadly its also suffering from the “they ruined the franchise” vs “its amazing” crowds.


My favourite game of all time is still Patapon 2… And comparing this colorful joyful melodic experience that constantly makes me smile to F76 is…
Well, Patapon 2 is the most fun game I ever played…