What is your videogame of the decade?

Ah I, forgot one. Just one. I’ll, edit it in. How easily I forget my own emotions…


Mankind Divided is very phat. And the Add in DLC is worth it.

The micro-transactions are somewhat useless. They don’t add anything in game that you can’t already do. It’s more for aesthetics, contrary to popular belief.

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The game I’ve played the most of and spent the most money in would definitely be planetside 2. It’s always been clunky and broken but it’s had some amazing fights. Find another game that lets you fight combined arms 300 vs 300 vs 300 in one base/hex, its one of a kind.


Doom 2016 or GRIP

Doom is a very pleasent reminder of how shooters are done right.

GRIP because combat racing.


I would say ArcheAge.

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Awww #YEET


The good:
CSGO and Titanfall 1
The bad:
Arkham knight and Battlefront.
The infamous:
Hoping will be finished someday…:

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Thread: favourite game of the decade 2179 - Star Citizen Early Access Epic Store Exclusive…

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Portal 2 is technically from this decade


I think from an objective stand point League of Legends. Came out in 2009 and has not died out… in fact its only grown. Think its hard to not say that deserves some form of recognition. Though it has had its ups and downs its a game that I always come back to.

But I will have to say PUBG is my personal favorite, played since alpha/beta and have seen what its finally become. So 1st PUBG and 2nd League.


Which Descent?

If you mean the one led by Wingman, licensed by Interplay? It’s done, the publisher wont let them release.

In early May 2019, Descendent Studios’ homepage was taken offline and multiplayer servers for game builds stopped responding. Unofficial posts by a developer from Descendent Studios indicated that all development on the game had been completely halted, this being due to financial and legal issues that developed between Descendent Studios and the publisher Little Orbit. The original posts were deleted, but YouTuber Montoya documented the posts and history of the development woes in a video uploaded to his channel.

It’s not happening.

But you know what is happening and in fact already happened.

Made by the Original Descent creators. It’s literally Descent. Fucking Identical. Not a thing out of place. Even the menus feel the same. Dual flight stick even still works. Feels exactly like 1995 again, which is pretty damn good considering it’s one of my favorite games of all time.

Just ah, the only thing newer it does for this decade is include VR support. (Which is FUCKING AWESOME… 6 degrees of freedom, sir I think you mean 12 degrees!) But even if it didn’t… hard to improve on perfection.

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Seriously though, try it in VR, with dual flight sticks, and like, put on a respirator (no filters).
Spaceman pilot on crack stratus.

Firefall was so good.

Not sure what I would say was game of the decade.

Maybe Minecraft if you count a full release.

Cities Skylines, Stardew Valley, and FTL for Indie.

Doom for AAA maybe.


Going to have to go for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Everything about it was excellent. A game i went from start to finish with, a big thing considering i was in a bit of a gaming dry patch at the time, it pulled me right in to the end.

(Elite Dangerous was a close second, but HR really kicked every box)


December 31 The new Descent is suppose to be going live.

Bummer :frowning: figures

According to GoG the game goes live on the 31.

Nier: Automata

Rocket League

Life is Strange

WoW Classic :troll:


Damn this is a tough one.

Gonna have to go with the Witcher 3 (2014)… I would say it’s the first time Bethesda had ever been one upped by a freeroam RPG and It wasn’t a broken mess There are enough alternate paths to the story that i’ve played and beaten it 5 times and have roughly 600 hours into the game. The only game i’ve put more time into is Skyrim but honestly if it wasn’t for mods I would have dropped Skyrim a lot sooner wheras I wholeheartedly believe Witcher 3 represents a completed and well thought out RPG. It has every element from story telling to fluid combat to atmosphere, if you like RPGs in any capacity you will like Witcher 3 there’s something in it for everyone.

Honorable Mentions:

Skyrim (2011): This game gave me countless hours of joy and was a record breaker on so many fronts it started this decade strong and is a cultural icon from hardcore to casual games everyone knows what it means to take an arrow to the knee. Modding has acted to further this game beyond what anyone imagined and if it had vanilla what it has modded I could easily call it game of the year.

Dark Souls 3 (2016): This game was finally what sucked me into Dark Souls the others before it didn’t have what it took… the new artistic twist was enough to motivate me to put in the grind and I know this was the case for others as well. The minor tweaks made to the existing dark souls combat system made this game the epitome of the series.

Metro Exodus (2019): Took what I thought was doomed to be a series stuck in a rut (I love the previous games don’t get me wrong) and instead redefined itself as a game with endless protential for future installments with a new sense of adventure.


I’m watching salty teemo right now. I wonder if I can play lol on i3-2xxx processor with no graphics card…


Witcher 3 sold out to nVidia hairworks though :sob: