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What Have You Done This Week To Improve Your Life?


I thought this would be an interesting question, and maybe give motivation.

Somewhat inspired by the Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition thread.

It would be interesting to see what people have done this week to improve their lives overall, could be tiny or big, but what if anything have you done to improve the outlook of your life?

To start… I’ve reached a small financial milestone yesterday in my savings. But coming up this week are final interviews for hopefully a new job. So technically i haven’t done them yet… but their all pencilled in.

What about you?



Literally nothing.



I ran the furthest I’ve ever ran this week. I don’t know the distance, but the time was crazy. I usually do circuits (run for 3 walk for 1 run for 3 walk for 1 or run for 5 walk for 3 run for 3 walk for 1 repeat). This time I just went for it. I wanted to quit after my “comfort time” passed, but I just kept saying “go, go, just one more minute”. 13 more of those and I turned the speed down before I fell over lol. I was feeling it Tuesday morning, but I went at it again this morning. Still sore, but it felt GOOD.

I think cutting out all the junk helped. I used to be really weak, mentally, when getting into the later stretches of hard physical activity: Lifting, running, wrestling, etc. These days, though, while tired, I’m pretty upbeat, positive, and hype afterward.



This is the third week of not smoking, but I’ve been counting each day as a victory.
I think (hope) that by Friday I will stop day dreaming of having a ciggie



While I look forward to the end and just ingulge myself these days.

Money is an empty goal. Our brains are wired up for mating and children etc. So that biological tickbox is always there.

Outside of that I guess helping people still makes me smile. We had high winds in australia a few weeks back a walked past a little lady struggling up a hill against the wind.

It was only one sentence. “Hay ghost me I make a great wind break”. Made me smile :slight_smile:

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Bought some crypto while it was down. And fixed the direction my AC vents were blowing.

They were blowing towards interior walls rather than exterior.



Have a state test for pesticide license coming up for a part time job. Been digging away at that shit. Also, might have a job on the spot at an ecycler I’m going to go talk to today. They need hardware testers.

So I guess… gained more employment?

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Slowly reclaiming my backyard space along with doing my last 2 classes for my BA. (only 1 class atm but other class is scheduled for 2nd 1/2 of the semester)

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Make sure you change your shoes at least annually if not more frequently if you are running on them a lot

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I did check the requirements for Professional Design Engineer at my company and am preparing for a level-up in Q2 2020.
Aside professional aspects of life, I’ve started reading “Your Erroneous Zones” by Wayne W. Dyer for self betterment.



7 day week or calendar week?
7 day: cleaned my room
calerdar: nothing



I’ve been busy as fuck the last few weekends in a row, so I have blocked off my calendar and declined “doing things” with people so that I can address some technical debt I have in my home office.

Cleaning the house/cleaning my office this weekend. I’m weirdly excited about it.



I got a haircut, cut my toenails, and trimmed my bush. Also, I remembered to floss at least 4 days out of the past 7.



Finished a job and got payed for it, then spent it on a 5700XT.

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Trying to get to sleep earlier. Going ~ok.



Trying to sort out details of my apprenticeship, it I don’t think this is improving my life, more just making me hate being alive again. Getting fucked every which way.



Moved from Manjaro to Debian. Didn’t really improve my life much but stuff I want to play with is actually in the main repo. Since Debian 6 to 10 never works on this machine without a lot work I have been ignoring it but now that I got everything set up and going, it’s slower than Manjaro…

Also cannibalized one of my other computers for RAM to get this back up to 32GB. Was getting tired of running out of RAM.



Working quite a lot. Finally ordered my new pc parts. Trying to meditate as often as possible but it’s hard to commit to.

Considering booking a cheap flight/hostel somewhere



I actually (mostly) stopped being on L1T at work, other then lunchbreak. Forums have a tendency to kill my productivity over time. In the past, it got so bad, i’d spend half my day on random forums.

This week i significantly cut down on that time, though, it’s tougher with L1T as i’m also getting work related stuff here.
With the added time, i started to program a proper Nagios Check for all the Sophos UTM Firewalls we have deployed at customers. Those where reporting over passive SNMP Traps until now, when proved to be not ideal for reliability.

Started with Rust and threw the towel. I’m now doing it in python, which is much more productive for me. Got proper Argument handling in place, CPU Load 1/5/15, Ram Checks in % and Byte, and Dynamic Uplink Monitoring for specified Interfaces with expected states.
A shtload of “if” statements, but it’s working. Some points are still on the todo list for this plugin, but it’s deployed for the first 2 test systems and can be extended/updated in place.

Plus i finally set up SSH in VS Code. I can now live edit code on most Linux Server i manager in Code, without having to rely on Terminals and stuff. Makes Coding much more convenient and less “scp” heavy" :wink:

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Had a friend visit from out of town. More steps on my fitness tracker than any other week this year. Beaches and hiking trails, I blame you.

Also upgraded a bunch of furniture to make my rooms feel less like I’m a transient hobo with no taste. The hobo part isn’t accurate.

Upgraded my home theater system without flinching. Music’s a big part of my life, but I’ve always struggled with making entertainment related purchases because it always feels wasteful. Computer purchases have always been justifyable with the “it’s for work” reasonining, but my hobbies are important too. My spending now reflects that, and I consider that a positive thing.

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