Welcome to Level1 Devember!

Very nice!

I’ve been brewing a Discord bot to outsource all the character sheet forms, roll20 links, and all that jazz for some friends’ homebrew for fun. And, y’know, learning experience.

I will watch with great interest.


I will keep the forum posted

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Hi, I’m making a discord bot that uses rich presence, chat functionality and docker to easily spin up game servers. Mainly because I don’t want to SSH all the time.

I’m working for a startup company at the minute so it’s time when I can find it.

But it’s already in a working state and I’m just adding features now.


I would just remind everyone to exercise your right to vote, cause all the options are pretty much equal…


I was super hyped to get started with linode but you’ll need to enter a valid CC that isn’t as common in the EU was it is in the US, so sadly no Linode Devember for me. :frowning:

Well, time to check out another hosting service for Devember 2020 :partying_face: :desktop_computer:

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I’m Jonathan. I’m a grad student at Mayo Clinic working in medical image processing but I’ve been wanting to tackle an unrelated imaging problem. The problem, I’m bad at taking photos. I probably can’t use coding skills to make me a better photographer but maybe I can make the photos a little better.

My Devember project is to train a neural network to de-noise and de-blur photos.


I would absolutely love some ideas here. I was recently able to troubleshoot a huge spike in I/O delay in my server on one drive. I discovered that Hybrid drives (Seagate Fire Cudas) do not play well with ZFS and seem to produce a significant amount of I/O delay. as seen here… ZFS high I/O issue [txg_sync] 100% and [z_trim_int] 60% to 70%

I am also working on this project which now includes my WD Mycloud EX2, a Cisco 10 port switch, and the new addition of a HP Elite Desk 800 G2 with intel i5 5600T processor in this build log… [Build Log] Home lab in a box (first time trying)-x470d4u Proxmox

I have been able to make this system work well for me with Plex services (Passthrough enabled), and Pi-hole for fun.

I have a few ideas of things I need to work on such as understanding the mailing system and trying to merge the motherboard and proxmox notifications into one email (Gmail). I believe I have proxmox working as I had a disk error prior that was fixed immediately.

I also recently purchased a pi 4B. What a fun little device!

I would love some ideas of what to do next!!! I have the time if you read the intro to my build log…lol. I can do this all day everyday but I am very new to this. The site you mentioned looks like it might be a better way to learn because it is guided, I have to admit self teaching starting out is a bit rough. At least for me and I have 4 reference books. I dont know if they are the best but hey I’m trying!

I really look forward to this this month and seeing what comes out of it for people!

Thanks again for more great content!


I’m fairly new myself but I don’t mind answering any questions. Whats up?

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I will build a python extension to networkx that will calculate betweness centrality of a network with vulkan running on a GPU. I will do this with Cython to be able to integrate it into any python program. I will be happy if I get it to work. I will be very grateful if my calculations are faster than native networkx.

Wish me luck.

I have heard that Vulkan is hard.


Im a student in my last year of uni, so I’ll probably have to work on this after finals. But after seeing the video on co2 sensors indoors/self host iot, I’d like to make a couple wireless modules to stick in my apartment. Using either arduino nanos with 433Mhz wireless or emp8266 over wifi. I have both of those on hand (haven’t ever used a emp8266 before) and a couple BME680 and SGP30 boards coming in the mail. Power will be handled by a usb adapter and all of this would be built on a perfboard placed inside some enclosure, with vents ofc.

Once I get those built, I’d like to use my unraid box, or my pi 3, to log the data and put into a nice chart. Might use python for that because I’m a noob with software stuff.

Maybe use linode to host a website to allow for remote monitoring. Not sure about that part yet.

I don’t have any way to modify my hvac because, apartment, but it would be neat to see a status of each of my two rooms throughout the day.

surprise surprise, didn’t get it done lol


I know very little about coding so while my project will involve some most of the creativity will be in the UI department. I’ll use tutorials to make a weather app that scrolls through the info panels in the way ‘stories’ do on Insta and other apps. The aesthetic will be inspired by 90’s weather channel/local on the 8’s with smooth jazz laid over the top.

It will probably be for android since that is what phone I have but being able to make it for ios and android simultaneously would be a nice bonus. Open for suggestions about tutorials, languages, or any other tools.


Hi all.
I’m a professional consultant for all things IT, math, or science (or occasionally other things).
I plan to write a thin client for Wayland, as that’s going to be needed in the next few years.

While I don’t need a permission bump to create the new topic, I can’t include a link to it here. Here’s the end of the URL though.


Please pardon that, it’s a way to inhibit spammers.

I pushed some buttons, you should be able to post links now.

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Indeed, and thank you. Hopefully those button pushes will also let me post a link to the github repo once I have one up and running.

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You should be able to link to GitHub, the permission applies to all links, internal or external.

(We’re trying to keep an eye on all Devember stuff so people can hit the ground running without issue)


This year I’ll be building a mobile game in Unity, it’ll be a simple tower builder to play whilst in the throne. I’m a self taught software engineer from Lisbon currently working as a Frontend dev for a startup. :slight_smile:

PS: Thanks for the help @w.meri!


@Diogo_F_Marques and @Tyler_Lindberg

I’ve upped your permissions so you should be able to link threads and stuff now.

I think that’s everybody that needs it so far?


Hello there! I’m Kolton, I’m a sysadmin in Southeast Missouri and I do lots of things : P

My #devember2020 project is a continuation of an existing project I’ve been working on: reasonably affordable hardware/software to control O gauge model railroad locomotives from a phone or computer. Read more about it in my post.

My github account is here, but I don’t have the files for the project public yet; I want to get something that actually works and is somewhat polished before releasing the source.


Ola, I’m a web dev, and i’m planning to make kind of a youtube subscriptions page generator/player thing by using only stuff included in almost any linux distro, so bash, sed, grep…

Generated html file will be OK for most browsers.

I already did some of the work, but I need to finish it, so this is going to be a nice incentive


Currently been writing my whole infra as code :slight_smile: Maybe I can see what it takes for typhoon to support linode

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