Youtube subscriptions "player"

My idea is a simple yt player done in bash / html

So I need 3 components:

  1. get the single yt channel rss/xml by channel ID ( wget or curl )
  2. grep relevant information and build a single html file
  3. make it usable and somewhat pretty

Don’t want BE so i will be using simple file/folder structure ( like folder per topic, file per channel, file content is channel ID ). Every time you want new content, you run the bash script and refresh the browser. Also lazy load images because I hate waiting.

Also, all the limitations of the XML suplied by YT apply, so only 15 latest videos per channel and similair stuff…

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This is kinda done for now. I’ve been dogfooding it for 2 months now and it’s has become my default way of watching YT. Interface is geared towards TV, whish is my usecase. I’m pleased.

Link here:

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