Welcome to Level1 Devember!

My small project is to make a CPU simulator/assembly interpreter to better display and compare low level algorithms


I an odd SFF/desktop build that I want to turn into an NDI streaming server. It’s currently configured with NGinx/RTMP but it isn’t getting much use because I had trouble configuring it more multiple stream transcodes. Also, the nginx-rtmp module hasn’t been updated, not currently maintained, and only compiles on older versions of Ubuntu LTS.

PC specs:
R7 2700
32 GB DD4 3200 RAM
Nvidia Quadro P1000 GPU
Current OS - Ubuntu 18.04
Current Software - Nginx 1.14, Cuda/nvenc 5.0, ffmpeg 4.2, nginx-rtmp-module git master


Install current version of Fedora or Ubuntu with nginx-ndi and compile nvenc for ffmpeg.
Configure Nginx, nginx-ndi, ffmpeg/nvenc to allow multiple simultaneous nvenc x264 encodes to Twitch, Youtube, and archive a 1080p/60fps stream to my Proxmox-based storage server.

Strengths: 10+ years experience with ffmpeg, streaming media, and Linux based web applications
Challenges: No experience with NDI


Would setting up my home network (router, firewall, NAS & VMs) be a valid project?


Wow, this one’s gonna be fun to follow.


Devember is targeted more towards software development, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t do that project.

To Quote the top post:

So, I think if you’re not doing any software development, it’s not technically devember.

But you’re still chasing knowledge, which is just as valuable.


I’m new here, but I liked the challenge. So I decided to post here. I’m experienced in development, but I’m new to cloud tech like S3/Object storage. It looks legit. So far, I’ve done some research into Amazon S3 and Minio. It looks like the future of file storage. Not the same use-case as GlusterFS, but I’m sure it can provide a similar use case for most of the time you want file storage. I wish more projects would support attaching to a Minio instead of using a filesystem. Something like Plex, with a media library in Minio I think could be powerful.

I am not sure if I will open source it while I’m working on it. But I think I will blog my progress in the thread if there is interest.
Thread here: S3 Frontend


Hi I’m Jack,

I just joined recently. I’ve been watching the level1 podcast for a while, and the devember challenge sounded fun. I haven’t worked with databases/rest apis much in my school studies or my (rather short at this point) professional career. So something using those two I figured would be ideal.

My plan was to try to create a web service to store and manage my wallpapers and their color data I use for theming my WM and terminal. I’ve previously used a script and git to handle this, and I felt it would be a fun step up.

Here’s my project’s thread, we’ll see how it goes.



I studied electrical engineering but I work as these days is as a senior software dev. The product I work on is a lot of numeric methods, modeling and visualization and is primarily built in python and C. In the last couple years I have done less and less coding and more mentoring, code reviews and customer support type work.

Still refining my idea for the project but I have been wanting to get back into working with micro controllers and electrical engineering type work and am in the process of moving to a new house. So I thought a home automation project would scratch a few itches. I think the full goal would be to have 3 to 6 temperature/humidity sensor modules in the new house and link them all to a single control unit that would control the furnace, humidifier and HRV and also be controllable by an API (or small android app).

For Devember I am sticking to the more coding oriented tasks:

  • pick a processor for the control unit and get some sort of authentication working [Devember]
  • build an API to get the current status and set desired temp/humidity [Devember]
  • build a basic android app that uses the API to control the controller [Devember]
  • setup a hosted portal for limited portion of the API [Devember]

Given the up coming move I don’t know how far I will get. There are also going to be some more hardware tasks that need to get done but I will leave that for the thread: smart-home-combined-furnace-humidifier-and-hrv-control. I am also hoping that others will be working on home automation projects this year and they might provide or find solutions to some parts of this project.

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If you’re struggling to think of a project, check out Advent Of Code which provides a new coding challenge to tackle every day in December.


A foreign paradigm in a foreign language against a foreign API…plus 10 years of codeless rust…what could go wrong?

I was worried I bit off more than I could chew. It has not been easy. But things are starting to take shape so I feel safe to share:

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Hi everyone, I am going to be working on my Proxmox asymmetric cluster management thing. Many years ago (I think it was in 2015?) I wrote a crappy script demo-ing that maybe auto-migration of high load VMs between an un-balanced cluster (low power nodes and high power nodes) could be a thing.

So… I am actually making that work now… hopefully.

Project Thread

I would like to pre-face this with, I am not a Python programmer nor do I pretend to be one. So this is also me learning Python.


Hi All!
Hopefully it’s not too late to join?

I am going to be building a system for embeddable web comments using the Matrix protocol.
It’s basically going to be an embeddable HTML/JS thing, so you can use it easily on static sites (like hugo / jekyll stuff).
It’s all going to federate using the Matrix protocol, so it will have some interesting properties re: resiliency and privacy.
I’m also writing the whole thing in Elm, which is a blast!

I just signed up for the forum (have been L1 fan for years now). If somebody will give my account permissions, I can make a proper post describing the project :snowboarder:


Thats awesome. I did a quick and dirty project like that for a class at uni. Hope yours goes well.

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Alrighty I put up my devember post!

It’s a rough overview of the why and the how of what I’m building (Matrix web comments thing).
I intentionally left out a bunch of interesting design details, to try and keep it brief.
So if you have any questions, come and talk to me! I’ll gladly elaborate :racehorse:


When you make more progress than expected you enter the challenge.
I have wanted to explore the esp32 and learn micropython, mainly to see how far this combo can go before you need more horse power. I want to explore automation, “web dev”, device interface (real microcontroller stuff), addressable LED control, and whatever else comes my way as explore this micro.


Absolutely not! Devember technically starts in december.


My Devember project is to make and RPM package for plex player and see what it takes to do/maintain it.



I don’t see enough people getting into package maintenance. Very happy to see this! Not glamorous work, but stuff that needs doing nonetheless.

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Hi there! I’m new here.

My project is to improve AI in computer games or other simulators. Effectively “cockfighting AI” (or bots) for leaderboards.

The challenge for the Devember2020 is to aim to finish my “corona-project” that I started a couple of months ago. It is a bit bigger than something that I could do in a month. I’ve just managed to put a “beta version” of the website up. Not all functionality is there yet. The basics work but that’s about it. I wanted to have something to show before posting here.