Was Win10 as terrible as I remember in early 2017?

Thanks everyone, really good to read all of your experiences. :+1:

Very interesting take, using it in Personal and Enterprise, thanks for sharing :+1:

Probably stupid to say [of me], but have you tried the delayed update option? That might help a bit?

I actually had to avoid updates all together, for fear of it breaking further!

That sounds grim, hope you get it fixed, or your life becomes 100% Linux! :smile:

I did wonder that, especially with the NVMe drive getting up to 70-80C. Turned off as many things as poss to reduce read/writes. The Graphics card hovered over the 50-55C area and the fans rarely came on. I just have a feeling the graphics card and Mobo simply don’t get on. I plugged another GPU in there and it was OK. This sounds so silly for a test, but playing a 4GB movie and dragging it between 3 screens, it locks quite badly. My other machine, no problems at all.

That sounds like a real pain, sorry to hear that :expressionless: Hope you find a solution one day!

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It’s worse. My haswell box running 1803 is currently unusable due to random power downs.

I had the same problem with 1709 when updates from march were applied, then april’s updates fixed it. i installed 1803 start of may, and the problem is back.

Hardware is 100% rock solid under Linux, and previous builds of Windows 10.

The QA is a joke.


To clarify, regarding messing with windows breaking it: haven’t done any of that. All i use Windows 10 for is a game loader (for any actual work i use my macbook or Linux), and it is currently failing at that. Literally all that machine has is a copy of Windows 10, VMware Workstation (no longer used), Steam, GOG galaxy and the relevant drivers (Gigabyte H87 board using built in Windows drivers, Corsair PSU monitoring and Vega drivers). Oh and of course games from either GOG or Steam. No random third party shitware, no hacks, etc.

Irony of irony, im currently gaming on that box under Linux because Windows can’t…

Like i said, the box is 100% stable under either 1709 (either prior to march updates or after april updates) and also stable under Linux.

Sure, i could roll back, but that’s only good for so long. Hoping the next round of updates get the box back to where it was during April.

Windows 10 has not given me any issues, save one.

A while back, an update wiped out my grub bootloader configuration, making it impossible for me to boot into Linux. Popped in a LinuxUSB stick, reconfigured Grub, and all was back to normal.

I have had stuttering issues in some games, but all of these were resolved with Nvidia driver updates. So, I cannot blame Windows for this.

Way, way off topic, but would you consider writing a wiki on this? I’ve not done it in a while, but it’s a common problem that I think some top notch L1T documentation on this would get you some major kudos and e-points.

:smiley: Windows has been wiping otherOS bootloaders since 1995 :smiley:

before that it was DOS doing it, IIRC


Windows 10 was quite smooth and stable upon release. So was Windows 8 and 8.1, and 7. Vista not so much.

Not to imply it didn’t have tons of design problems, many of which endure to this day. It certainly did.

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W10 is absolute shit show. 18.03 has inexplicably broke my microphone. And since I need to make phone calls at work that was a big problem. 4 people including my manager had a go at trying to get the mic work and could not do it. Had to re-install windows in the end.
The fact that I have to search for everything is a sign of bad GUI. I would rather use Vista at this point.


Everytime my Win10 updates I have to revert the mouse driver- I don’t even bother re-doing the privacy settings anymore. But yet, here I am still using it… For me I’d concede its not bad, but its not good, its like for every step forward they take, they take a step back as well. There are features I like, and annoying forced stuff as well- and like @Grim_Reaper says- its sad how much I have to google- that was a title Linux took but now Win10 and Linux are neck and neck with how much I have to google it to get stuff done. I’m slowly leaving Win10 but still leverage it at home for a daily laptop, type2 VM lab and a VM for my reolink client software. For the latter I had to firewall w10 off of the internet so it doesn’t update to ensure uptime.

If I were really really fed up with Win10, I’d finish my reactOS VM built for the reolink client, update my ESXi box to 6.4+ to use the webGUI for management (vshere client, you will be missed), then nuke the rest of the win10 I have, only keep some VMs for the sake of working with powershell or other projects. I’m just so lazy when I get home…

A little off topic, IMO windows is much less relevant now. A ‘normy’ is just fine with tablets, Chromebooks and maybe even Ubuntu.

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Unless they want to play PC games.

Reinstalled Windows? Yikes. All you had to do was go into settings and enable the microphone.

Stupid? Yes. But Windows didn’t break it, they just disabled it.

I think I googled it when I had to fix mine. Ill look at the info I can find and see if I can condense it into a wiki post.

Do you really think I didn’t try that? It was already enabled, but people on other end of the phone call could not hear me.
I tried all the settings there are but nothing worked.
Tried plugging in 3 different head-sets. Mic still not working. (But they worked on different W10 PCs that didn’t have the 18.03 update)
Tired plugging them in different USB ports. Mic still not working.
Tried installing new audio drivers. Mic still not working.
Tried re-installing head-set firmware. Mic still not working.
Tried system restore. Mic still not working. (Thought this would definitely fix it.)
Tired updating the BIOS. Mic still not working.
Tried clearing the CMOS. Mic still not working.
Re-installed windows. Mic finally working.

@Token I wasted 4 hours in the morning just to get a fucking microphone to work. Customers were chasing me and I couldn’t help them until I finished rebuilding my machine. Obviously microsoft don’t give a shit, we are their guinea pigs at this point. In the past Windows updates would fail to install at worst. And you had to wait for new one to arrive but something like this I have never seen before. At least I got paid for those 4 hours but I will never run W10 at home. I don’t understand how people tolerate this.

I think its easy on this forum to forget the ‘average’ user usecase, or be able to ‘walk a mile’ in their shoes. IMO for a lot of people PC/Laptop=Windows or Apple. For a lot of people there is no other smartphone than Apple as well.

Hell I’m a self proclaimed techie, work in tech, come to this forum yet I’ve still had many a rage filled moment when trying to get Linux to do something, or flash my phone to a new ROM that fixes issues.

But for people like those on this forum, yeah I’m surprised how many use Windows sometimes. For most I think its a reputation that “it just works”, it pretty much has for me- for others its for gaming, and in my case a few programs that just run in Windows. My angry moments with Windows is that I hold them to a very high standard- they are supposed to be in the “it just works” and “custimizable” (read here: update when I want it to) camp, so when they fall short of this I get peeved, but I’m holding them to a higher standard than I do Linux.

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I like it
I can game on it, I can bleeppost on it and I can overclock on it.
If I wanted reliability and ease-of-use I would buy a console :slight_smile:

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That worked for me

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Yeah, very common issue, the privacy settings for UWP apps now cover win32 as well. When he reinstalled Windows it went back to the default, which allows microphone usage.

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Given most games these days are console ports, its looking more and more attractive to just get a damn console…

For all intents and purposes, undocumented change without user consent or notification is “breakage” (end result: disruption of work for end user, same as a broken computer).

Microsoft need to stop with the cavalier shit and inform users what they’re doing to their PCs.*


  • no, a change log buried on some website somewhere doesn’t count. these are eventually mandatory (and automatic) updates Microsoft is pushing out. You can’t just break people’s shit like that. If it was an OS upgrade the user initiated as an optional upgrade - fair enough. But these Windows 10 updates are not that. They’re mandatory eventually, not optional.
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I agree, that specific change confused the hell out of a lot of people. Which does make it really easy to google, admittedly.

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