Was Win10 as terrible as I remember in early 2017?

Around April 2017 I finally built my replacement workstation, to take over from an i5-2500k / Win7 tower. I tried Win10 for around about 4-6 weeks, but found it was very unreliable. I did find some problems related to a faulty Corsair MP500, which I had a successful RMA on, and put the replacement in my secondary machine, which has worked without issue since. Begrudgingly and because I couldn’t wait, I bought a Samsung flavoured NVMe drive and because I didn’t want to deal with potential Win10 problems again, went back to Win7. All was well…it’s felt a little glitchy, but generally it was reliable.

Fast forward about a year (2018), I build a spare machine (an i7 build). It is nothing like my original install of Win10 and is disturbingly reliable. After a month of reliable operation, I OC’d to 4.8GHz and it’s still buttery smooth.

So…was Win10 bad when I first played with it, or do you think it was just bad hardware and possibly some Non-Win10 friendly hardware?


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Could be hardware or drivers, my X99 build for instance constantly BSODs on 8.1 (without logs or anything, so nobody knows why) but is perfectly stable on Win7.

That being said, Win10 does remind me of Vista in that it was completely rushed and didn’t become a reliable OS until after a couple of service packs, or in this case major updates.


Nothing particular, sometimes I manage to wait very patiently like 1 day, usually not :no_mouth:

Regarding Vista, it had these .exe hangup problems till the end, most games fixed from some service pack, and from that point on it behaved like Win7
As did late 8.1 behave like 10, its just that metro ui win8 whats the real failure in all of this

Then regarding BSODs, early on Fury card did do those, and otheriwise nothing really, it has always been my failure over BIOS side to tinker things right

I should note that I terminate most included apps apart from image viewer thing, last time I saw store was with 8.1

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Sounds like a combination of things. Work wise and personal wise, I’ve had 0 problems with Windows 10 that weren’t hardware related. I could have been lucky maybe. I did have a workstation that went from fresh vanilla install to 1709 over a period of about 2 years. I didn’t have any issues with it. Same with client machines we were deploying.

It could be any combination of things.

Regarding Vista… Not even close to 10. All of my software worked on 10. That wasn’t the case on Vista until SP 2 I don’t think. It was basically 7 at that point but the name and rep had been tainted.


OH, I have one really strange problem with SSD’s

Machine has 960 evo, 850 evo, and HyperX 3k with obviously that 960 being the OS drive

The strange problem I have is that when 850 evo reaches like 200 / 250gb, it completely breaks finding any of the three drives which I think is indexing, but I can still access to all files through shortcuts
Relogging fixes that, and it seems to get worse the closer I fill up that 850 evo

Thats definitely Win10 problem as secondary non os drive is breaking all of that

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Windows 10 was very iffy at launch because of the massive melee with drivers and Microsoft taking away control of Windows update from the user. A lot of old hardware had drivers removed, and it was a big mess.

Fast forward to now, it works fine. If you just leave it alone, it doesn’t break. 95% complaining about Windows 10 as being extra broken today probably just messed with something they shouldn’t have been messing with. This includes using third party software to remove telemetry and or config files that they deem are HARVESTING MUH DATA. and or trying to remove Cortana from their system and then somehow the start menu broke for example.


I disagree. Windows 10 still forces its updates on you and my room mate and I both have experienced Windows updates causing boot errors that required a clean install. These were from separate updates too.

Windows 10 still gets so many things wrong, and give you so few choices to avoid the kind of crap Microsoft has been pulling more and more over the years.


It could have been a number of things. I work in IT and while I really despise using Windows 10 in the enterprise environment, I really do enjoy using it on my personal computers.

Enterprise experience: Terrible at recognizing when GPOs have been pushed from our servers, updates that roll through seem to break a lot of random things, and most notably, whenever there’s something wrong with the OS, we usually have to reimage the machine.

Personal experience: Fast, stable, lots of control over when I can do updates. Bash for windows has really freed this OS to do the development stuff that I love to do. I can of course run games, install just about anything I want. If I want another OS, I just spin up a virtual machine and boom, I have a new environment that I can go between it and Windows.

I use all 3, macOS, Windows, and Linux (different flavors), and I find myself using Windows more out of them all.

So, to finally answer your question, though: yes, it’s more stable now. 1709 definitely has its bugs, but I’m finding that it’s much better than 1703.


I’ve run into those issues as well. One of the things I most passionately hate about Windows is how often updates break things and/or don’t work.

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It is still pissing me off. I boot between Windows 10 and Linux by swapping the boot order of the drives in the BIOS rather than having a common boot loader. I mention this to show that my Windows 10 install is totally vanilla.

Despite this, despite complete fresh reinstalls, despite having nothing installed in Windows 10 except Steam, Nvidia, CCleaner and Samsung drive magician it STILL manages to screw up. Massive stuttering slowdowns when playing some games (but not all) which require a reboot. Sometimes the lockup is so bad this has to be done with a hard system reset.

Linux is not perfect (nothing is) but it is far closer to “just works” than Windows 10 for me.

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That sounds like a hardware or heating issue.


Windows 7 was fine. Rock solid. I can play AAA games in Linux without the same issues, Portal 2 or Alien Isolation for example.

The hardware is 3.5 years old now and all that has been replaced over the years is new GFX card(s).

The thing is the slowdown does not go away once the game is quit and temps drop. It stays in that messed up state until reboot.

Also if you Google this issue you find it is very common.


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Interesting. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Of course, the above comment goes with anything. If you Google any issue it seems relatively common.

Hopefully the newer updates pan out for you. I guess I’ve been “lucky”. Although, I’d say maybe the people experiencing this have been unlucky.

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Do you have the latest drivers?

Yep. I am definitely of the “always update” camp.

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Indeed that is true, hence the press article. I have just joined into the insiders program and installed 1803 but won’t have time to test it with a game tonight.

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I’m speaking about the drivers from your hardware manufacturers and not relying on Windows to update them for you.

I’ve usually had problems when relying on Windows for drivers.

I would have to go back and check, but the GFX card drivers are up to date as of the latest release from nvidia. Also whatever drivers 1709 carries will be installed. On 3.5 year old hardware these “should” be the latest. The mobo firmware is the latest version but that is now from 2016.

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Fair enough.

My Windows 10 installation has been really smooth on my notebook, just one major BSOD as far as I remember. But, on my desktop, I’ve had a bit of a rough time especially with audio drivers (motherboard audio and guitar pedalboard). Other than that I’ve had nothing to complain performance wise. I’ve also never had issues with Windows Vista at the time, maybe because I bought a Q6600 machine with 4GB of RAM so it had plenty of resources to waste.
The worst experience with Windows so far has been with W8/8.1 preinstalled on my notebook. That os is just plain garbage to me, not worth to even consider as a vailable OS to use.
W7 Pro the best OS ever used!

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