Was Win10 as terrible as I remember in early 2017?

Hi Chris,

I had some stability issues as I was previously using the insider builds, now I’m just back on the mainstream update cycle.

In my opinion if your main concern is stability you probably want to go with the LTSB.

“Enterprise LTSB is a long-term support version of Windows 10 Enterprise released every 2 to 3 years. They are supported with security updates for 10 years after their release, and intentionally receive no feature updates. Some features, including the Windows Store and bundled apps, are not included in this edition.”

The good thing about this is you at least know once you’ve tested on your machine that there won’t be any feature updates that break apps etc.

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Be aware with LTSB:

We’ve just had a bunch of new machines come in at work (literally this week - HP Elitebook Gen5 for the curious) that list build 1703 as the minimum supported version. They blue-screen attempting to install previous versions.

LTSB is currently only released up to 1607.

So if (like us), you’re pushing LTSB, you’re boned on some new hardware (i’m guessing any Coffee Lake machine - as these are just integrated GPU laptops - no exotic non-intel hardware in them to speak of).

So, even if you have an enterprise agreement to legally get LTSB, if your hardware is new enough you’re still shit out of luck.

Thanks microsoft!

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When i have used it for two months, i think that Windows 10 is good and no bug.
I can’t describe the feeling of the using. i just will say it’s great.

Just Microsoft? I don’t know a single OS that does this.

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As a certain shouty dev puts it “Do not break Userspace”


The funniest part about all the love for windows 7 I see is that I had absolutely horrible issues with Win 7 on my home hardware, it never worked w/o BSOD every week or so and would loose devices all over the place. Half the time when I booted it wouldn’t find my boot SSD. I upgraded to Win 10, and everything was smooth no problems and I have probably had one maybe two BSOD’s in the 3 years since I installed it. One of those was my own fault I was writing a device driver and messed up the low level code and wrote to the wrong memory and trashed the OS stack.

Really I have had more problems with Windows 7 over the years than Windows 10.

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Same. After using 10 for any sane time period I don’t know how anyone can go back to 7 and view it as anything but archaic and broken. I have a couple of buddies that ran from 10 back to 7 because reasons. Now though, they’re on the bandwagon.

WSL + Visual Studio Code + PowerShell openSSH has really been killing it for folks at my current gig. You can set VS Code to use WSL and run everything natively from the editor.

node, clang++, php, go, etc.

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Windows 10 is great just use the LTSB/embedded version… oh wait.

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It’s nice to be surrounding by non-users around these parts, I wish I could be one of them but the software I use isn’t on Linux, it’s barely on iOS!

Wow though, I now feel quite lucky. Thanks for everyones comments, good or bad. Do excuse me, just going to do another precautionary disk image :thinking:

Wow, I didn’t even know it was a thing - thanks for the headsup!

Very good to know :+1:

There are an awful lot of variables I guess. For me, I stuck to Win7 because it was reliable for my hardware, and played nicely with my software too. Strangely I had the opposite experience to you, where I used Win10 and it was not reliable enough in a business environment (one man band). I kept using Win7 for another year until recently I tried it and it was much better (be it in a different machine).

My main issue with Windows 10 is the unthrottled disk I/O. You won’t notice it so much with a fast NVMe SSD but if you’re on spinning rust, you will notice it even without ever opening Resource Monitor.

I installed the latest Windows 10 (1803) inside virt-manager yesterday. The voice-assisted installation process was a pleasant surprise. I gave it 4GB RAM and it installed just fine. With 8GB of system memory, it is a tight fit but it is possible.

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Completely agree, I’ve felt time spinning through my fingers (haha) in that situation.

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It still is terrible. 90% of the headaches i deal with at work are caused by Windows 10 and it’s ass backwards approach to everything.

Didn’t ask for a web browser? Here’s Edge. Need to uninstall it cause it’s screwed up? Fuck you.

Fuck Windows 10, it’s still just a giant pile of horse shit.


Would you be allowed to try that LTSB version mentioned earlier? I guess your hands are tied and you have to suffer with Win10…otherwise you’d have stuck with the previous OS version :frowning:

Edge isn’t that bad. I mean I’m not necessarily using is, since there are firefox and chrome already. But, still from their perspective it makes tons of sence to make an actual browser, since the alternative really is put chromium or firefox into Windows. They need something to power webstack things, because its everywhere. Even on LTSB where there is no edge I would not be surprised if most of what actually makes edges is still intact somehow.

Also, how does it being there break things outright?

MS has actually stepped up to the plate and set their balls on the table. They’re trying to get the trust of linux users and trying to pull developers back over to windows that aren’t big corporations. So, their stability has gone through the roof.

They have also cleaned house of the windows fanboys in the company to try and get a more flowing company culture. Barnucles was fired because of this new company movement, and over the last few years I think we have seen major improvement.

But… a year ago? Yeah windows 10 was pretty garbo a year ago. Its still pretty garbo.

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Has anyone else used edge recently? It’s actually pretty good and has some good features.

There’s one thing it doesn’t do well and that’s YouTube. And I wonder how much of that is actually edge and how much is Google’s doing.

Don´t really see a compelling reason to switch to edge to be honest. It´s a Windows thing. Firefox and Chrome work everywhere and are the same everywhere. That´s convenient if nothing else.

Ironically, I had some bugs on YouTube WITH chrome lately. When I made the Window a certain size the Video would just disappear (sound still playing, but no way to actually view the Video). Until I made it bigger then it came back.

Edge is quite good on things like laptops where it saves a tonne of battery apparently. It’s also good if you use windows apps.

One thing I heard a lot about edge is that it´s way easier to support as a dev.

Got a bit of a taste of that too since html5 input with month does not work in firefox and from what I found it also does not work in safari. It works on chrome and works and looks the best on edge. Too bad it wont matter, because I’m gonna use something else, because it does not work on firefox and I cant be arsed to check for if that feature is available or not and implement it twice.

HTML5 is gonna make everything better they said. Still gotta use JavaScript for things as simple as a date picker that picks months only.

Just finished dealing with a computer where Edge’s ability to print to ANY printer was fucked. All other programs were fine, just Edge couldnt even print to a PDF printer. Far as i can tell it was a corrupted printconfig.dll file. Tried to use the app list to do an install repair, didn’t even show up in the install apps list. Tried to uninstall it with powershell, that’s been disabled for some retarded reason. Manually rip it out of computer and catch all kinds of hell just trying to just reinstall the damn software from the installation package already on the damn computer. Finally had to update the computer to 1803 just to get Edge to reinstall.

Edit: The great thing about the 1803 update is that it absolutely fucking hates HP printers. Run into several updated computers that all have the same error when using HP printers with a USB connection. Try to do anything with printer and get an “invalid file path or access denied for C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe” error. So basically the update locks HP drivers from accessing necessary system files. Nice Windows, real fucking nice.

i want to drive to Redmond with a sledgehammer and break the hands of every programmer in that building.

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