VNC Clipboard not working

On my Manjaro notebook my clipboard is not shared between client and server which is sort of odd. Let me explain why.

I have a bit of a troubled relationship with VNC in general, as you can see here:

A while ago, I had vinoserver running as my VNC server without any issues, but after an update it stopped working (no idea why). Furthermore, I was also gone from GNOME’s settings.

I solved this by installing x11vnc and ssh’ing into the notebook first to execute x11vnc -forever. (VNC didn’t start automatically, even though I added the tasks.)

Now I noticed that VNC runs when the notebook is booted, but the clipboard is not shared. I’m also not entirely sure which VNC service is running - I tried ps aux | grep vnc and ps aux | grep vino but I couldn’t find either of them.

Currently, my main issue would be to get VNC’s clipboard working again. Any help would be appreciated.

Could it possibly app armor or SELinux causing you issues. IF you tail dmesg and try to use the clipboard, see what happens.

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Thanks for the input, but as far as I know, SELinux isn’t enabled on Manjaro to begin with…

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