Virtual Box

Almost ready to fully switch to linux but there are two programs that aren't supported, and don't work in wine, smite and curse voice. i got a version of windows and virtual box, setup the machine, but i want it to recognize my gpu and utalize, so i don't get 2 fps, and I want it to recognize my headset(speakers and mic), the g930s from logitech, so i can use those.
How do I do?

You need an iommu.
It's something that the manufacturer has to put on the mobo (as far as I know)
What you want is 'vga passthrough' vbox has primitive support of this. It kinda works kinda doesn't. It will allow directx programs to run but they run at really bad framerates and artifacting. K grade cpus can't achieve this.

i have a strix 970 and a 4570(no k)
can i do it, and not get terrible frames?
or is there an alternative to virtual box?

Yes. Check this thread:

i read the whole thing, before i posted this, how does it help me?

Use virt-manager instead of Virtualbox so you can pass-through the GPU.

just installed virt manager, extra packages are installing, ill let you know if i get stuck, thanks

just got an error message,
Unable to connect to libvirt.

Verify that:
- The 'libvirt-bin' package is installed
- The 'libvirtd' daemon has been started
- You are member of the 'libvirtd' group
any ideas on how to fix?

Install libvirt-bin and then start the service with "systemctl enable libvirtd.service" or something similar depending on your distro.

Though I'm using Mint and I didn't have to start the service manually, it just kind of magically worked.

i'm using mint as well, that command didn't work

i got libvirt-bin installed, just don't know how to start it

Try to just reboot and then "sudo virt-manager". That's what I did and it worked, anyway.

worked, now im in virtual machine manager, now what

im setting up the virtual machine, and i have 25gb of free space, but it wont let me create a virtual drive larger than 11.6 gb.
what do

ignore those replies, i got the vm running, ill let you know if i get stuck

I followed that exact guide but he doesn't say anything about gpu passthrough, thus I got stuck

I'm not sure how to enable the passthrough since I haven't done it myself (yet).

I did find this with a bit of googling:

my virtual hard drive is still initializing, ill check it out when im done and let you know

didn't work

At which point did you get stuck?