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User avatars are 404ing


Well it’s not like it’s a high priority issue or anything. Even if the forum went down entirely, it isn’t a revenue generator.


This issue still pre exists.
Not every discourse update is an improvement obviously.


Quite the contrary.


Please run:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app


Maybe it is just time to urge users to set their own profile picture?

Maybe this is not broken, maybe this is all part of



Discourse is playing that 4D chess.


I’ll give you a vision, buddy.


Yeah, I said that weeks back, homie. Admins ain’t home.


Every Discourse update gives us the vision, if we want or not.


@admins pls do this



Please help, you are one of our only hopes.


Praise the vision


Im embracing the inevitable :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously though. Have they figured out what is causing this? It’s not terribly frustrating but holy crap its been almost 2 weeks.


It got so much attention I stopped paying attention lol


on firefox
w/ these extensions

I had no script mark as trusted

same issue on firefox mobile for android w/ same extensions


I’ve had the issue with no extensions.

I’m not sure that the plugins are the culprit.


it might be a issue on the server’s end. I think I had a similar issue when I tried running my own blog from wendell’s sandstorm tutorial.

I think images started loading after a DNS and wordpress update


Apparently there’s a fix. Need direct infrastructure access to test the fix though, so I can’t really do anything about it.


I run chrome with javascript off and manually white list sites. Maybe why I missed it.