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User avatars are 404ing



indiana Jones theme intensifies


Admins just need to run ./launcher restart app, takes 2 minutes. Or turn off discourse-hosted letter avatars, which is a better option and what I did.


Im sorry but where are the IE and Edge reports ?


I’ll check edge tomorrow


Oh ok so its not just me. I also get an error about HTTPS encryption or lack of there off. Thought my browser was blocking non https on https page or something.


Funniest thing I’ve read all month.


Not working on lynx either


Borked on edge as well


And here I thought some of you were trolling and uploading these error icons as your avatar. :grin:


that would be a good meme.


I get the 404 on both working and not showing avatars.

The url that returns 404 looks something like this

Meanwhile when it finds the image it’s that, but there is still a timeout happening for something similar to the url above.

It does not seem to be browser dependent to me. But it’s not happening a whole lot, but it happens for the same users in both firefox 65.0 and chrome 72.0.3626.109.

So whatever avatar proxy is it’s not doing it’s job right?

I think @Ruffalo already knows more about that. :slight_smile:

This is nothing to worry about. It’s about images and other things we post. When there is a link to an image that isn’t https encrypted, it complains about exactly that. It’s not exactly easy to prevent this and there is not a whole lot of benefit to preventing it, other than the icon being happy.

For this site right now. it’s not saying that (as of right now unless you come from a site that will say this so press f5 and it’s gone), but for other threads it might depending on what you post there.


That looks to be a different issue as letter avatars are working here now, so they either bounced the application or disabled external caching.


It’s not working now on Android Chrome in “pwa mode”

Edit: unless trooperish has decided to troll.


Looks like a regular letter avatar URL to me. My guess is the Discourse folks added a redirect to their new avatar server (which they should have done in the first place) and users that were cached before that time are still 404’ing, while users that didn’t login until after that change work. Restarting the forum would fix that.


Well, I only followed @Goalkeeper ‘s instructions…
On the plus side, it’s a good opportunity to think of a new avatar to upload …


I’m such a positive influence. :smiley:


You evil scheming fluffball


Now for users who are using the letters, their avi does not show anything at all, and they do not respond to being hovered over. Before, avi’s used to at least show a border.

For example, if you are under the topic view and see this thread, Aversion to RAID - what is the reality and what are other solutions?, you can not see any avi, and you can move your mouse across the entire area, where users avi’s are, and the cursor does not change to a hand.

And for this thread, it looks as if Wendell is the creator of the thread, when he isn’t, just because the op has a letter system assigned avi. Random freezes on Ryzen in Linux, even if Linux is in VM


Shrug, 2 second fix for an admin. They must all be on vacation or hella-busy or something.


Maybe they died.