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User avatars are 404ing


Just wanted to make a report that I’ve been getting 404s on some user avatars.

It seems to have just happened over the last day or so.

Profile image not showing

Happens on Firefox for me 2, Android & Desktop. Chrome is fine tho


I’m experiencing it on FF only as well.


Chrome is fine for me too. (The only browser that I use)


Fine in Vivaldi, Firefox and Chrome mobile for me.


the plot thickens


I was using updated Firefox on the job and it was fine, however the one on the machine i’m using now is two versions behind, let me see if updating it has any effect


I got the same problem in chrome, but only for @Seamans so far


I haven’t noticed. Using FF 65.0.1


Best UN, right there :rofl:


I’m on 65.0


@sgtawesomesauce uhum, happened now




Loading his usercard just doesnt even load the img broken thing. I just get nothing where the avatar should be.


I am pretty sure he doesn’t have an avi.


Had that happen on Vivaldi Webpanel and main window a few times, reload with cacheoverwrite fixed it.


He has been deleted. He might have been a spammer.


It just happened for me. It was on a new thread posted.


If you set your profile photo to be set by the system you will be naked. I am trying it now.


You broke it