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User avatars are 404ing


Indeed, restarting the app does fix it. No need to do a full rebuild.


As much as I hate those discourse guys, they sure are quick to find a solution.


I’m right at the end of that thread, also wondering “why”?

Why would nginx’s name resolution at start or config reload matter to a self-hosted application’s ability to generate or serve local files?


This particular bug broke every discourse install including mine.

They aren’t actually local, somehow. They changed their CDN address for letter avatars, and the app doesn’t dynamically pick that up without a restart.

Personally, I turned off the “external system avatars enabled” setting, and I suggest you guys do that too. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.


That’s a much better assessment of the problem. :slight_smile:

We feel the performance benefits are worth it, and it is trivially disable-able in site settings .

I disagree, but doing something I disagree with is a lot easier for me to accept than simply having no rationale.

This still leaves me with a lower opinion of Discourse. That’s an obviously bad design decision.


It is indeed trivial to disable, if you realize what the heck that setting does in the first place, which takes a fair bit of research as nothing is documented anywhere but in random posts on their forums.


It definitely raises some eyebrows.

Why not just go directly to CDN in the first place if you’re going to introduce an external application dependency?

The paranoid cynic in me almost thinks it was designed to look self-contained but function as a side-channel analytics tool.

Then again… username.


On chrome on mobile…

Still not fixed yet


Unless he’s trolling…


Can you see me?





I wonder if I can remove my username. Then it will look like a ghost is replying.

Edit: nah. A username can’t be empty.


Not trolling, exactly. More like “passive-aggressively expressing my displeasure with a stupid design decision”.

My avatar is custom, not broken.




Wondering whom these two are…



That’s He purposely made his avi that split piece of paper.


Julfika has a blank avatar too


Shadow-r is another…

Ok. Ok I’ll stop looking now.


That’s because he’s still using the system assigned avatar. He didn’t choose a custom one yet. Like many users don’t do for whatever reasons on here.