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User avatars are 404ing


I just checked out Firefox, Chrome and Brave no issue on my end and I am using google dns.


Not DNS. The images are being served from If it were a DNS issue, the forum wouldn’t be loading at all.

There’s no CDN or anything in front of the images, it’s all coming from the same place.


Yeah they just need to run launcher reload app and that will almost certainly fix it.


Goalkeeper’s thing is especially funny to me. He’s been pointed out as not loading, but he’s one of the only placeholder images that is loading for me.

I had to check to make sure he didn’t snag a copy of the image and then upload it for the lulz.

I’m siding more with Ruffalo now. It’s not a browser issue, it’s an image issue. It just happens to be that the samples I tested with Chrome also worked.

This loads for me on Firefox and Chrome.

This does not load for me on either Firefox or Chrome.

The generation failed, not the display.


For me, my image of the “G” only loads on safari. :stuck_out_tongue:
It is quite funny


Heh. For me top one doesn’t load, bottom does. Freaky deaky.


What in the ever loving fuck…

The SRE in me wants a root cause analysis when this gets sorted. :slight_smile: This is an interesting failure, to say the least.

It’s not even alternating. If it were loading some letters sometimes, and different ones other times, I’d suspect nginx or the firewall is dropping requests or something.

But it’s not. It’s consistently showing some images to some people, and other images to other people.


I have tried restarting my computer over and over to see if I get the problem. Tried Ubuntu, Windows and Android. Chrome, Firefox, Brave all show all the avatars. So I don’t get it.


Okay weird, I don’t get an avatar when looking at who liked a reply.


Yeah but did you try ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu r’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn? Didja?


@Goalkeeper are you trolling me? Did you like it, because the specific ones you have liked don’t show your avatar.


Noooo. I would never. :slight_smile:


Never troll him or never troll anyone?


I was getting this today on mobile. Now it’s just Goalkeeper…


Anyone having this issue too; page refreshes and stays on the frontpage when trying to jump to the bottom of a thread?
Thought it was just my weird settings causing a bug, but it’s happening on all browsers apparently, mobile too.



Wait, did I do it right now?


@Goalkeeper, NOOOOOOO!




Yes you did it right.


Oh no, it got me too!



The reckoning on non-circles has begun.