Underrated Games

For slept on games, indie/old/AA/AAA, that you think are worth a look or play that seem to have been overlooked. Can even be games that should be given a second chance, like No Mans Sky imo.

This doesn’t just have to be PC games, any platform is fine.



I think this game is super interesting, both in art style and concept.
You experience the this wacky scifi world from the perspective of a mundane low level wage slave. You’re not a hero, you just do what you do and learn the world by going about your day. Gets pretty wild.

It’s weird, sounds mundane but really hooks ya. Worth a look, at 10 bucks its not a bad buy. If it was 5 I would say 100% get it.

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No Mans Sky

I didn’t follow the hype (but was aware of the controversy) and consequently, rather enjoyed that game. It should have been treated like an experimental, indie game. Certainly not everybody’s cup of tea, but I find it soothing and relaxing; a sanctury of sanity in a twitchy, first person shooter dominated world.

To The Moon - Traditional SNES-style JRPG



This game kinda got panned when it came out, but I think it was a pretty fun game. Does it live up to its namesake? not really. Is it as good as Dues Ex? Eh its more of a shooter than Dues Ex.

I have it on PS3, and it is still fun. Been playing it while I wait for 2077. It’s anywhere from 5-8 freedom-smackers for PS3/360, and at that price it’s worth a buy.

I have played so many games over the years, Standouts not necessarily overlooked. Also not in any particular order…

  • The Talos Principle, Clever puzzle game with a great story. Solving the bigger puzzle of what the heck is going on becomes a bigger deal than just putting blocks in the right place.

  • Red Faction, Smashing shit up with a hammer never gets old.

  • Gunman Chronicles, You get to fight a T-Rex wearing a Stetson!

  • CoD:4 Modern Warfare, don’t yell at me for suggesting Call of Duty. But damn the single player of Modern Warfare is amazing. Without a doubt the best example of a first-person shooter single player ever made. There is a healthy mod scene for the multiplayer that might be worth a look. Get the original PC version not the rehash for the modern consoles.

edit: Gunman Chronicles not Cowboy.


Are you talking about Red Faction: Guerrilla? Love that game! You are right about the hammer, I never even got that far do to always just wanting to destroy everything haha. The OG Red Faction blew my mind back in the day and is also a great game to play still!


^on sale for 2.49 as of 3/22/19

Great call back! CoD4 is still great on PC, and last time I looked had some amazing mods!

One that didn’t really have a great start but got better over time Calley’s Caves 3. Changing weapons in it can change the game play a lot . Weapons evolve around every 4th level, max out leveling at level 19 and can gain one more level when you locate their final form. The level design is not great but there are over 300 of them and you can fight bosses as much as you want, has NG+. Not that hard of a game but easy to get back into after a while of not playing it.

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I can’t remember which one it was, I’ve played all of them. I just remember having a hoot smashing the buildings. taking out as much of the structure so the whole thing would come down with a well-placed blow. So much fun…

I have a friend that makes maps for CoD4. Something to do with a zombie mode for the game that never officially had a zombie mode.
Most nights I can see him on CoD4 as he is testing stuff he has made. I have not fired up the game in years but I put a lot of hours in back when it was popular.

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This game is so much fun, and has enough cool ideas and decent gameplay to gloss over its flaws. AA at its finest, there is enough on offer for 30 bucks… however 15 would be the sweet spot imo.

My summer car is probably the best early access survival to date


I saw that but never picked it up, I’ll have to keep an eye on it

That reminds me, this looks good

Is still being made, but for 9 bucks there is a bit of game in there with a pretty interesting style

These were fun. I love the BI4: Incubation

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I haven’t seen anything about this game and it’s f!@#$% gorgeous…

It’s a space station management game with all that comes with it - trading, aliens, all sorts of silliness and plain ol brothels… Seriously, you even hire the prostitutes…

PS: Oh wow, it’s on sale now… Less than a dollar…


Love that game! Also on GOG!


But 0.97 is amazing for that game!


Titanfall 1.0
Descent Underground



Don’t think to many people have seen this game, or if they have may just pass it by. Another kinda out there game. There is a “super robust fake OS and a really big fake internet with all kinds of neat things to find” and you are a volunteer ‘enforcer’ scouring the hypnospace for offenders, has all that old AOL like goodness.

It’s way cool, nostalgia for some, crazy art piece for others with a lot of thought put into it. I would say 10-15 is best if you’re unsure, 20 is fair though

Black and White

Was so amazing at the time, and still is fun to play to this day! Glorified advanced Tamagotchi, with some of the best side quests ever. It’s abandonware pretty much at this point so it’s also free

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Finally know that Star Citizen is never coming out?
Not enough money for Elite Dangerous?
Long for the good old days of OG Elite and Frontier?

Well then I got a game for you! Free, open source and still active, Pioneer is a huge and involved space sim that is worth a gander if that’s your bag!


also needs a reboot

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