What Games Do You Think Need A Reboot

Syndicate - The RTS one, not the FPS
No one lives forever - Please?
Deus Ex - The modern ones are ok-ish but the original 2 are completely different games.


All of them, even rise of the robots

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Well that was quick.




I know there’s not Criterion and EA backing this team of developers anymore, but this game did really hurt my soul. Car’s dynamics look weird (sometimes darts where you want it, sometimes just don’t turn at all), graphics look like out of Burnout 2 at best, menu’s from a 90’s indie developer that invested two hours a day into his/her game, the cars look weightless I liked better the weights in Paradise because it mattered whether you hit a small car or a big truck.
I don’t like to rag on small developers, I’m sure they did the best they could with what they had. But can’t compare to other games of the franchise in my opinion.

Haven’t played it yet, a likely won’t because it can’t be had outside of EPIC store. So over all a huge shame.

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1994 Xcom UFO defense. There have been sequels, spin offs and so-called reboots but I want a true to spirit of the original reboot.


Oh snap, heck yeah would be awesome to have a major effort behind a B5 game.

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but in general probably a bunch of games from the transitionary phase between 2d>3d, in that many of them like shadowman which you can get on gog(if its just modded for compatibility from the original pc version) has terrible controls and just ruins in some cases good content, art music story

but alot of console exclusives in general from consoles of the ps1/n64 era and earlier in general with having limited controller input, have dumbed down/not nearly as good of gameplay as a modern pc or even console game, once given dual analog sticks etc some older computer games, gothic, gothic 2, thief 1-2

atleast for games which could legitimately be improved fairly easily in gameplay/overall, not just rereleased with better graphics

probably a bunch of gameboy advanced games, sega genesis, snes would make good 4.99-9.99 indie ‘retro’ titles, phone games ex: some kinda golden sun + golden sun the lost age ultra 4k hd 9.99$

edit: to give specific examples of weird controls

in gothic(1) it is so pedantic that you have separate keys bound to place an item from an inventory you are looking at(like a chest/looting a corpse/trading) into your inventory, and another key to move an item from your inventory into the external one which cant be the same keys as any other key

in shadowman, you cant strafe until you lock onto a target, and then you can only strafe around the target in a circle otherwise a/d or left and right would just be to turn/look left and right, which get replaced with strafing when you lock on. that not being able to side step is not very useful in combat with multiple enemies which run at you fairly rapidly

or say in goldeneye where forward and back is to run forward and back, where if you use perfect dark you can configure the controls to be the stick does all the aiming, and the c pad is for running forward and back, and strafing which is fairly similar to more modern titles other than the location of the stick vs the pad


Wing Commander (no, not star citizen - not everything has to be an MMO)
Destruction Derby

The menu is the exact menu of Burnout 3 Takedown.

Does the game have that gamemode where you need to crash into traffic to destroy as much as possible?

Not a reboot but check out Wreckfest. It does this pretty good. Though not cheap right now.

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Well… that didnt age well.

Warcraft 1 and 2. Im already getting my C&C refresh, but would love those bad boys as well.


Some games from my childhood/early adult gamer life that i think definitely need a reboot

  • Afterburner
  • Nascar Racing / Indycar Racing (no i don’t want to race online)
  • Stunts / 4d sports driving (including the track editor) / Stunt Car Racer
  • 4d sports boxing
  • Test Drive (go back to the concept of 1/2/3 just with current graphics and sound)

Sly Cooper almost got a reboot timed with a movie release, but after Ratchet and Clank bombed at the box office, the future of the Sly franchise is in jeopardy.

Primal - Tenchu%20Wrath

I’d love to see remasters or reboots of these on PC …


Shame the Interstate 82’ kinda ruined it.

Lots of arcade examples of this but Stunts was like Forza with a crazy do whatever you want track editor, and multiplayer I believe? It was pretty cool.

Still waiting to see Tenchu come back to life…


My friends played that waaaaay back in the day and that sh!t used to give me nightmares (i was like 10 or something)