The System76 Thelio Massive -- 2990WX Threadripper Monster | Level One Techs

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This video was exceptionally cringy xD
Still, love your work! Please keep it up.

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The massive version seems to be xeon only… what gives?

availability of the 7371 is lacking?

I love this rig.

They should sell those cases, damn.

Great stuff! System76 has come a long way!


I’m digging the case for sure. Not sure how I feel about the airflow options though.

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i thought about that.

here is the idea:

air flow from the front and bottom
exhaust back and top

only exhaust doesnt really work low rpm, high rpm is too noisy.

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I feel like the VRM suffers with that duct thing they have going on but they also didnt include a standard IO shield cutout so this is clearly not geared towards anyone who tinkers with overclocking.

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its basically a buy and go set.

but if you a person who is into overclocking shouldnt go with this machine anyways because of those reasons.

i want one. its beautiful.

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I would love just the case by itself.

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well akshually pushes glasses up nose the vrm have their own fan on the designare :stuck_out_tongue:


technically it’s against NVidia’s license to use those graphics cards [2080s] for neural nets

@ 10:09

What?? Source please?

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I picked up one their mini ITX Thelio desktops a month ago (needed a second rig). Mine was configured with a Ryzen 7 2700X, 16GB of RAM (2933MHz), a 500GB NVMe SSD, and an RTX 2070. It’s a beast, but I do wish they had used a standard cutout for the rear IO and a GPU with a blower-style cooler (they installed an EVGA XC Gaming into my unit instead).

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Statements like these and NVidia’s past shadyness certainly have to be considered as sure, they won’t go after people now but that’s not to say in a year or two they won’t. Or NVidia will just change what they mean by “commercial.”

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The case looks sexy. Just need a front panel USB port and a standart IO cutout and it is good to go.

The rear io being part of the case makes me sad

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The expansion slot mechanism reminds me of the one on the HP xw8400, except it doesn’t take your fingertip off when you release it.

Acer are going down a similar aesthetic rabbit hole with their new workstation chassis.

Not a huge wood on my PC case fan

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