The System76 Thelio Massive -- 2990WX Threadripper Monster | Level One Techs

Except for HTPC, I don’t want/need wooden parts on my PC either.

y’know I wasn’t either… but its got a certain charm… I can’t explain. it’s somehow swanky and not tacky? :smiley:

I feel like I would need to work in a glass building for it to fit in

Cool system.

The 2990WX with the Designare EX i´m not really sure about that combo personally.
Although as long as the fans are actively cooling the vrm it might work fine.
I´m kinda currious what the vrm temps do during stress testing etc.
Since the vrm on this particular board isn’t the greatest.
But other then that pretty cool system.

I too don’t entirely understand the appeal of the wood paneling, but the simple cut, bend, add screws construction looks very attractive.

I wonder if they will eventually get to selling the cases stand-alone; it could pair nicely with a Talos II I think :wink:

4K 60fps! You up there with the big boys like Gamers Nexus and Hardware Unboxed now!

I hope you can get the Alpine Ridge working on this system.

Also, tell us how to VFIO with UMA access to pin cores to a single die with direct memory access.

Someone elase on the forum has the newer Titan Ridge card and it is just plug and play from the sounds of things on their AMD system.

Edit: though it is windows.

Well, true plug and play would be not requiring pins to be shorted on the header. As of right now, you have to short pins on the Thunderbolt header to wake the controller on mobos without the header.