Linux vendor System76 working on high-end ARM Laptop & Desktop systems

Two developer/managers from System76 and an engineer from ARM discuss System76 hardware at the Linaro conference last year (22-min YouTube video interview). In addition to ARM, they discuss System76’s open source microcontroller board for system peripherals (disk, power control, etc., and in the future backlights, batteries, keyboards, touchpads, etc.) as seen in @wendell’s recent review of the Thelio.

They plan to continue to develop the microcontroller board on desktop systems, then scale down to modular laptop systems where a ‘compute module’ (x86 or ARM) could be upgraded/swapped out within the same laptop chassis, while the microcontroller module remains to handle all other built-in laptop hardware. A very elegant solution!


I wonder how system76 got so much money. In no way is this cheap. (In my personal opinion)

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Perhaps enterprise support contracts and lean running? They mentioned some pretty big-name sounding clients for such a small company.

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Well considering NASA and Apple buy System76 computers I take it they are doing alright!


Woah. They did? Still haven’t gotten around to watching that video. lol. Working on some other things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its cool, but its no ppc.

What!? Why? They make their own and are militant about building every part they can them themselves. That sounds very odd.

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probably to get proper desktops

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Well I was told by an inside source at SCaLE last month. I believe it, Apple’s engineer’s need proper computers after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Holy $h1t I lost my marbles here thinking about an ARM version of Pop!_OS… wtf…

Sorry… I’m ok now…

omg… s76 pls <3

I would imagine they break out the System76 laptops when they forget to bring their dongles to work.

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