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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



“Unboxing Embargo” has lifted. Here’s what’s probably the most useful video to come out of it


That specifically sounds interesting.

Actually I am pretty sure he got that wrong.


Just got a mail from a local tech store that they’re starting to accept preorders for 2nd gen ryzen chips.

Wonder how long before it’s relatively safe to adopt, as in stable drivers and such.

And also wondering when the review is gonna come up :stuck_out_tongue:


BIOS updates already support the new chips, as an updated node the drivers should be fine right now, and so far expected to be much more stable than Ryzen 1 launch time.

The TDP?


No, the better temps because soldered heatspreader.
I think AMD was talking about in comparison to intel, not better than first gen Ryzen.


On Windows? Probably immediately. This is just an incremental update, not a new architecture. You should have a similar experience to a 1700.


That’s definitely compared to Intel. the first gen ryzens had soldered IHS already.

Should we start taking bets on the security flaws with the new branch prediction and cache prefetching?


Preorders for CPUs and motherboards are up on amazon and newegg.

Eg 2700:

X470 Motherboards:


How’s Ryzen memory support these days?
And also, how does a 2400G deal with a 120mm AIO?


Memory support is good. You can pretty much expect to get what it’s rated for on most kits up to about 3200, at which point, you start to see a drop off.

As far as the aio, I couldn’t say. I’d imagine it works just like any other ryzen cpu.


As a point of reference, I’m running 3000MHz on 32GB (4x8) of Hynix Corsair LPX 3200 on a 1700X without really tweaking timings (rated C16, running 14-16-16-16-34), Asus Prime X370 Pro.

2400G is running 2x8 Corsair 3600 C16 at 3200Mhz (Samsung B-die) on a Cryorig C7 cooler with 120mm Rosewill slim fan in an In Win Chopin case (only fan) and doesn’t see over ~70°C on stock settings. An AIO would keep it very cool I think, and at low fan speeds. I need to pop the Kill-a-Watt in and see what the system draws, but I’m guessing under 130w in total (fan, 5400RPM HDD, NVMe, APU, RAM).


Yeah, i think i’ll have to go for a single 120mm AIO, if money allows maybe a 240mm basic AIO (something like a Masterliquid Lite 240) since my case, despite being small, can fit one.
And for memory, that’s good to hear! I think i won’t be running anything higher than 3000mhz with tight timings.


120 AIO won’t be any better than a 120mm air cooler. You sure you want to go that route?


I’m still weighting down the options, my case can fit up to a 140mm tall cooler which is a bit hard to find over here, so the AIO would be my scape route.
It kinda sucks that i have a Xigmatek Dark Knight 2 that would in theory fit the case, but it doesn’t have AM4 mounting hardware.


does it have AM3? some boards are compatible with that.


It does, but i don’t think the mobo has the mounting holes for it, its an ASRock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac


Yeah, that won’t work. Still, would go with a 120 noctua over 120 AIO every time. And my NH-U14S will cool anything.


I tend to prefer ACs instead of AIOs (my main system has a Scythe Fuma) but i don’t i’ll have that option this time.
The NH-U14S for example, it costs R$409 when a 240mm Deepcool Maeltrom 240T only costs R$250.
I think i may have to import something from the US.


It would be nice to get another Scythe cooler, i already have the AM4 mounting bracket that fits 90% of them.
A Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3 would look wonderfully ridiculous inside that case!


I’m being annoying as hell today, sorry for that!
Just one more question about RAM before i go, how’s this one for the APUs?