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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



Only if you buy two. Single channel will cripple performance. I’d also suggest trying to get 2933MHz out of any kit you buy. If you want I can run some benchmarks from 2133 to 3200 but it’s also already been done (will go find the video).



I was just watching this video.
And yes, it will be two of those, since i’m thinking about adding a dedicated GPU to the system further down the road.


It is an interesting example of memory speed. Going from 2666 to 3400 was a solid 4FPS. Wendell has got the 2700X now and the ram kit was 3600 if memory serves. Will be interesting when the embargo lifts.

How high can Zen+ or Zen2 go with memory speed and the CPU fabric.


i am having budget of 300$ for the CPU onyl


If the rule didn’t change dramatically with Ryzen+, do yourself a favor and buy B-Die.

Well that makes it pretty easy, Ryzen 7 2700.


Samsung B-die ram is currently just about always better RAM regardless of the CPU.

This applies to Intel, AMD and any ARM, etc Chips. :smiley:


More than a year in, is that still a thing?
B-Die modules are very rare to come by, even if they were around they would be costing at least double the price over here…


I can tell you that running non B-Die my CPU is spitting out errors in mprime when it hits around 70°C. So yeah, the memory controller definitely has a better time with the good stuff. I ran other memory for a long time and had no real issues but B-Die is faster, snappier and less stress for the CPU.

I can’t help you with prices unfortunately.


Hmm, i’ll see what i can come up with, maybe with luck i’ll find something that is still in the price range.
Thanks for the info!


Relevant thing is relevant:


Thanks a lot Steinwerks!


Hanging out on Reddit pays off once in a while :joy:


Indeed it seems!
Unfortunately every single model on the list is waaaaaay beyond my budget, some even cost more than R$2000, ay!


was hoping 4.17 would bring support for 2400G but I guess not yet?


Someone got ahold of a 2709X early it seems:

I like that he did clock vs clock comparisons, showing some nice improvements but nothing Earth-shattering.


1.33 to 1.35V for 4.2GHz. Pretty nice.
And the reduced cache latency seems to do quite a bit.

If he is right about the higher RAM speeds on X470, I might switch my high end system to the Taichi ultimate.


Considering the 2700X boosts to max clocks on a x370 board. Will be interesting how the x470 boards boost with XFR2. Gaming wise that will be a big help for AMD. Most games only max a few cores.

For productively there is always the all core overclock.


Ryzen based laptops


Good news. I’d love to see an XPS 13 with a 2700u though. :confused:


That is exactly what I thought. Top tier models or GTFO.

“YAY, we are making Ryzen laptops but they don’t sell that good.”

No shit, that is because you only make the crappy ones into Ryzen laptops.
Well, lets say the casual consumer sub-brands…