The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion

#Have You heard the latest news and rumors?

… seriously, have you? Put them here. And everything else on RYZEN. And comparisons to Intel and market share numbers and stock prices and just whatever. Because why not, it really doesn’t matter.

I am basically done prepping for RYZEN. I have my parts, I know what to do, I am just waiting for AMD. I know, pretty nuts. But I am eager to get one of the 4 or 6 core parts into my hands.

What about you guys? Are you ready? Any plans so far?

CPU + mainboard are TBA but here is all the other stuff for my system:

Corsair Carbide 400Q case
Seasonic Platinum 750
3 x 120mm and one 140mm Noctua fans, all PWM
Noctua NH-U14S CPU cooler (have to get the AM4 upgrade kit)
16GB (2x8) G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 2800
Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro GPU
Intel 600p NVME SSD 128GB (OS+stuff)
Sandisk Ultra II 960GB SSD (games)
maybe some spinning rust…


I'm running this piece of beauty

I am planning a project "snow black", (and YouTube videos) that includes painting the yellow plastic white, painting my fractal case's front and top meshes white, getting Asrock B350 pro4 and best case scenario 6c12t ryzen, worst case - 4c4t...
The ram isn't really all that important, since the NH-D14 is going to cover it up anyway.


Ill wait to see performance of Ryzen before I buy, I am still rocking a 4790 so I am not in a dire need to upgrade.

But I would be happy to go back to team Red, I liked my 8120 for many years.


I'm waiting to get my tax refund, and third party benchmarks, then i'm ready for Rizen. Really only going to replace the cpu, mobo, ram, and cpu cooler. Don't have any of it yet. But yeah, if the leaks are correct with price, i might actually get the highest end 8 core. I was aiming to spend around $1000 total and it might take me $50-$100 over budget, but not a big deal.


For me its going to be all about the motherboards.

Vishera only really saw a few high end motherboards and they really weren't all that spectacular.

I want to see a high quality m-itx board with nvme.


@psycho_666 Nice! What GPU is actually under that cooler?
I have to watch those damn CES videos on AM4 boards I guess. Something Asus or ASRock probably.

@Atatax Yeah, 8c/16t for that price... if that is true, there will be a LOT of builds running that chip coming from older i5 or even i7.

@Tjj226_Angel I was thinking the same thing but I wanna throw one of my 10GBit NICs in. So, mATX is minimum for me and my case is ATX anyway.

I would not be surprised what so ever if we see high end motherboards with 10 gig nics on board. I don't think we will see mitx boards with high end nics, but Im sure the server sempron line up will bleed into the mainstream.

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Sapphire Toxic R9 270X. It's about as powerful as I need it. There is only one thing I don't like about it, and that is the lack of Freesync support. Other than that - it runs everything I through at it, it's quiet, it's below 70 degrees at 100% load with very quiet fans...
I think after I build the Ryzen system I will upgrade to Freesync compatible card, be it downgrade to 460 or if fate is good - 470... But for now - I really need the cpu. I rendered 28 minutes video of me playing Gwent for am hour and a half... If I have to I will cut down on the motherboard to be able to get the best possible cpu...

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completely agree. i definitely see myself switching to a small form factor case in the life of my new CPU, definitely want a premium itx mobo, haven't seen any yet.

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Can't wait, I'm planning on a six core running in an MSI titanium board I've basically done a full rebuild over the last few months prepping for ryzen. 16Gb corsair LED DDR4 3000mhz (white led's), evga supernova p2 850 watt, Asus strix 1070, and the anidees ai crystal white (going for a black and white build).


Such a beautiful case. I really regret the fact it's not imported in my country. If something can make me replace my beloved Arc Midi R2 - it's the H440 or Anidees AI Crystal...

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I honestly wish I could have gotten my hands on an H440 Hyperbeast but they were sold out before I was in a position to buy one...

@Tjj226_Angel Yeah, but I already have my NICs and I don't want to limit my motherboard options by that requirement.

@psycho_666 Ah, I see. Yeah, your profile says 760k, so that would be a huge jump up for you in rendering performance. What software do you use?

@TheHipsterLemon1 That should fit pretty well. Actually our specs are pretty close overall. You have a slight lead in GPU and memory performance I guess. Fury + DDR4 2800 on my side. :)

In terms of case, I am gonna rip my secondary dual xeon apart and will re-use the Corsair 400Q. So I am not really concerned about looks. My rigs are usually black boxes. :P

Just added my spec list to post #1.

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Is there a link to let Level 1 get a percentage from my Amazon purchases? figure if i'm going to spend around $1,000 soon, might be a good time to give someone a percentage.

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I am going to wait to see how good it is and if the no support for windows 7 will be a problem.

Vegas pro 13... At the time I started, Adobe CC used Cuda mostly and barely used any opencl, so I went with Vegas. Now I'm too used to Vegas to start using another software...

Current FX lineup will also be huge jump in rendering, but when I was buying I wasn't really considering rendering videos and stuff... So now I am stuck with my stupid choice and I am now willing to cut all else to get the best CPU possible.

Oh, if I get H440 it will be any black version and will repaint all colorful parts white..

And fit all other stuff from my post earlier.


@billgatez Doesn't really matter to me, ;)

@psycho_666 Well it wasn't a stupid choice, I mean for years there just wasn't any good choice. And for a 270X it was probably fine in games, right?

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The stupid choice was going with 760K instead of FX 6300... In retrospect...
As for the 270X...

It beats the 770 in some games. And the 770 used to outperform 280X...
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I'm not that hyped for Ryzen really. If there are some really nice motherboards I might be tempted. But what I really want is new GPU's. Seems I've been waiting in vain for Vega, should have bought a 1080 last year.