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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



DDR4 3466 on B350.

More user videos popping up.

This claims to be a 2700X but no way of telling as far as I can see.
The clockspeeds would fit though.


What I gather from early reviews and such, Ryzen+ seems to be better with memory but have limited improvements to the cores themselves.
That 1.5v for 4.3ghz is worrying but there’s a chance that it’s just a poor bin.


It’s not going to be a miracle update, it’s a node switch with some optimizations. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I expected more than a 1-200mhz increase in average OC with safe voltages especially with no IPC increase.
I wasn’t expecting 4.5-4.6 like other people though. If the improved memory support has more to do with bios than the memory controller of the CPU itself, the extra 1-200mhz isn’t worth $80 over the 1700x.
In the case of improved single threaded performance from XFR2: If you’re doing a ton of single threaded tasks that the extra speed would help, why wouldn’t you just be on intel


Because screw them and their awful market segmentation tactics?


If you want to judge it for what it is, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.
We haven’t even seen the new chipset yet, same goes for new BIOS versions.
So far we have leaks and rumors.

Also I am not sure where you got that impression from.

The same Ryzen 7 2700X chip is now in the hands of Hardware Numb3rs who will be publishing a full review really soon. This chip does 4.3 GHz across all cores at 1.4V and you can see more results over here.

Source: WCCFtech

That was on X370 with 3200 memory.
Allegedly of course.


I addressed that:

From the other links you posted:
Hardware Numb3rs: 4.3ghz at 1.5v so high ball 4.2ghz at 1.4v
Aydsystems: 4.2ghz at 1.4v

I’m using the same information as you and it should be a given that it’s speculation based on limited information


Well … ok, you are picking and choosing very specific information (highest reported clockspeed and voltage) and then you try to paint a worst case scenario. And I honestly don’t have a problem with that. But maybe keep in mind that clockspeed didn’t even do as much on first gen Ryzen as pushing the memory did. And we have no idea what the reduced latency on the caches might do because we have only one data point for that so far.

Yes, fine, you are using the same information. But not all of it.
So just … wait. Please. :wink:


I was looking up the 2400G. Not looking to buy at the moment but just wanted to make sure I am reading things correctly.

The existing boards only support HDMI 1.4 which means that it is only capable of up to 4k30? If it were HDMI 2.0 it would support 4k60? is that correct? Can the 2400G support normal desktop applications at 4k60 if the motherboard supports HDMI 2.0?

All this is moot point until kernel support lands in 4.17 but I am assuming that will go fine without a hitch. Thoughts?


That is the spec as far as I know.

Yes, in theory that should not be a problem.
I know that my board’s displayport is rated for UHD 60fps.


I’m not trying to argue so I’ll cut it here. But damn man, chill out and keep your expectations in check. I’m basing speculation off what information we have. You’re speculating about what may potentially have some kind of impact.
i want this lineup to be good because I’m planning a build. But based off what little information we have, it seems like this is AMDs Kaby Lake


Uhm, that is my line, I think.


Please try and keep the speculation to a minimum. :wink:

We don’t want this thread to go meltdown and spectre on us. :fire: :ghost:


Would you say it’s potentially Ryzenfalling? :smirk:


The Fallout could be disastrous.


But what is the Masterkey in solving these issues then?


What about IntelDisclosed? IntelCommonKnowledge and IntelOnIntel?


What is this? Invasion from punistan?

Alright, back on track. Ryzen2 is coming, bitches!


i have budget of 300$ and looking for a good Ryzen cpu. Please suggest me something.

I was also reading this review of AMD Ryzen 7 1700 and it looking quite a good deal

can i go with this?

Or i can get much better option in this budget?


in a week, you can get the 2700 for $300. Or do you mean $300 for cpu+mobo?
That said, I dunno if the 2700 is “80$ better” than the 1700, as that really depends on your use case (?).