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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



That’s a nice OC. :+1:

For the question of memory speed on X370, I just bought a kit Trident Z 4133MHz C19 Samsung B-Die for pretty cheap. Well, relatively… So if the reviews miss that I will be able to answer that question to a degree when I get my hands on a CPU.

Steve is already testing.
Sounds good.



Not very large i guess.
Unless they have made some drastic changes this time arround.
The 2700X is probablly going to outperform a 1800X.
But it wont be by much i suppose.


4.35 on 8 cores isn’t bad though. I know Intel goes higher, but it’s still a powerful cpu.


True and its baby steps to 5GHz
which intel cant break with 8 cores either well.

Next year Zen2


Sure its still a pretty powerfull chip for its price point.


Yeah well the 8700K can get close to 5Ghz.
And some of them even go easally over 5GHz.
I know its only a 6 core sku.
But realisticlly the 8700K is already faster then current Ryzen 8 core sku’s in allmost everything.
Of course those new up comming Ryzen + sku’s will narrow the gab a littlebit.
But still the 8700K definitelly has its strong position.


True, but by now it looks to be almost wholly due to the node / GHz advantage; which means the question is simply one of who gets 10/7nm to yield, and whether AMD has any neat arch changes lined up for zen 2.


Yeah well clock speed isnt the only thing that AMD is strugling with on Ryzen.
They also struggle with imc latencies.
But thats a problem AMD was allready strugling with on buildozer aswell.


More ITX:


Asrock ITX


So maybe this is obvious or maybe it is silly but figured I’d put it out there…

The names 2200G and 2400G

Is it supposed to go something like


In terms of CPU performance (and price)? Have we tried comparing the 2400G to a 1500? Does that make sense?

Edit: sorry the XX is just a placeholder because I don’t know about them yet.


I don’t think there is a lot of reason to continue with the lower end non APU SKUs, at least not for the consumer side of things.
Ryzen Pro could work for that. Maybe like this?

2300 Pro
2500 Pro
2600 (standard, X and Pro)
2700 (standard, X and Pro)
2800X for enthusiasts / high end gaming
29X0 series for high end I/O and compute

fixed my own laziness…

hide lies

I didn’t know about the standard, X, pro differentiation.

Ah I remember the pro



Weird to see there’s memory issues again
Hopefully it’s an early bios issue


I would think so, yeah. Why would you release a new CPU that performs worse?

And now this:



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This seems cheaper: