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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion





I mean, yeah. But that is like 8% discount? It’s not that crazy.


I think they will go on sale… I think a lot of people here are waiting for Linux 4.17 to land right?

are these meant to run 24/7? I am thinking Jenkins server running builds on each push to gitlab or something. mostly for learning. bad idea? just thinking out loud


Any CPU should be capable of running 24/7.


I was planning to buy a new case and cooler because my case is like 10+ years old. But my old complacency kicked in. If it aint broke dont fix it :slight_smile:

I dont need the few FPS .2 GHz would yield. I have gamed with ryzen master @4Ghz and I can’t tell the difference.


I switched off from as Anteque, P280, worse temps, but it has glass and it fits radiator :smiley:


Tbh, its only problem is that top, so much value for that 100€ I paid like 10 years ago :smiley:


Blasphemy! Don’t you know that clock speed is everything? CLOCK SPEED IS LIFE!!!1!



There is no way anyone can play games with a processor at less than 5.2GHz. #onlyintel


It seems Ryzen 2000 series CPU Pre-orders went live on Amazon for a short period of time. Sporting a mid-April release and some new information.


This is nice, maybe we get a couple more ITX boards now.


All I’m waiting for is the X470 chipset boards.

Mainly for the stability, RAM and Power fixes on those boards so I can build a new Home Server box and get rid of a lot of older hardware :smiley:


What do you mean by that?


Changes to Voltage regulation and PCI-e among various improvements that allow for faster RAM and fixes to sleep and P and C6 state issues.
Just the cleaned up Firmware alone will be well worth it.


OK, yeah, I don’t “save energy” so I never had a problem with that.
I am hoping that most of the RAM stuff will come to X370 too.
Should be mostly depending on the CPU, right?

Top end box shot.


I think the new boost clock speed features are tied to the new chipset as well. So there it that.
I could be wrong.


Some of them are. I don’t remember the specifics though.


Yeah, XFR2 or so? Doesn’t matter if you’re overclocking.


Looks interesting.
Currious about the actual pricings on the 2700X.

About the X470 and B450 boards,
i dont really expect that much differences between the previous boards and the current ones wenn it comes to vrm implementations.
But we will see, as soon as i know more i will jump in on that.
Hopefully Msi will stepup their game on the X470 boards this time arround.
Because their X370 boards are just too mediocre.


If this turns out to be true, a lot of people will just go X

source: WCCFtech


Wait the 2700X comes with a cooler?