The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion

Yeah if you want to grab a cheap 1800X,
then now its the time.
Unless the Zen+ cpu’s are going to get similar pricings.

From what the leaks and reviews suggest (and at this point I would call those believable) even the lowest 2nd gen 8c/16t, the 2700, might be on par with the 1800X in clocks and faster overall. And that thing is 65W TDP. To me it looks like they are selling those chips off for dirt cheap because they know they have to.

Will try first if either of two options buys 1700, then I’ll force it on somebody

Probablly yes with the new chips comming up.
I’m very currious about the 2700 and 2700X pricings doe.

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With my 1700 I got such good clock speeds 3.9 @ really low temps 55 underload… I find it difficult to justify upgrading … might just wait for the 2020 version of zen for upgrade. I hope my asrock x370 tai chi will still work with it.


Its not really worth it to upgrade if you are currentlly on a Ryzen 7 cpu allready.
Its probablly going to be a marginal improvement at best.
The only thing with these new chips that would be nice to see,
is improvements in memory latency.
But thats yet to be seen really.

As a 1700 owner I clearly dont need to update. It can do 4Ghz but I run it at 3.8Ghz cause stock cooler.

It nice to see AMD walking forward but. The 2700X looks ok, only 4.3Ghz out of the box…Who knows how it overclocks.

Im either going to upgrade to Zen2 in 2019-2020 or threadripper2. Not that I need it. Its my hobby.


Mindfactory needs space for the new ones.


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Yes you have solid 1700, any plans to get new cooler? :smiley:

This might be legit.

Has it ever been said what the cashe is on the 2000 line or has it mostly just been talks of clock speed?

Cache is the same size, but faster at every level. L1d, L1i, L2 & L3.

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That video is almost unwatchable. :neutral_face:

Take it with a hint of skepticism and keep critical perspective.

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Yeeeaah, I know. :expressionless:

Here is the stuff from it:

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Here’s what I gleaned from the QR code in the Image:

Decodes as : HTTP://AMD.ATRK.NET/R7-9HA4197N80085-59-YD270XBGAFBOX-28

I also had a go at decoding the barcode since that contains the serial number, but it turns out thats redundant since it’s also in the QR code.

Really taping over everthing except the QR code is a bit of a fail.



I mean, yeah. But that is like 8% discount? It’s not that crazy.

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I think they will go on sale… I think a lot of people here are waiting for Linux 4.17 to land right?

are these meant to run 24/7? I am thinking Jenkins server running builds on each push to gitlab or something. mostly for learning. bad idea? just thinking out loud

Any CPU should be capable of running 24/7.

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