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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



Yeah, the new one. Wraith prism. Supposed to be equal to a 212 evo and looks a lot like the high end FX cooler.

This one:


Thats interesting.

Yes looks exactlly the same as the FX83xx coolers.
Only a better fan as i can see.


RGB. So, -20°C obviously.


The fan is different larger blades.


Anyways if it can do 4.3GHz on all cores.
Then i’m pretty interested.
Allthough its going to be close to the 1900X in price.
And that might still be a headscratcher.
Since the higherend X470 boards will probablly also going to hit some pricings.


Hmm, effectively you get quad channel RAM and more PICe. But also more hassle if you want maximum performance in games as well as in production. Otherwise same amount of cores/threads, higher cost for the board, no cooler included…

It’s not that close. :wink:


Yeah i noticed that performance hit in certain benchmarks charts aswell with TR.
But yeah also TR has had some time to mature out by now.

Wenn it comes to motherboards sure the X470 boards will be cheaper in general,
with an exception to the highend ones.
But of course you could argue about why someone should buy a $300,- + highest end am4 board.

X399 boards are of course expensive.
But thats allways with a HEDT platform.


Do keep in mind that there are also >450 euro z370 boards, such as the in(s)ane MSI Godlike Gaming, which still doesn’t make coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the review samples are out.

Wow, the APUs get a price cut already.
At this rate you wait another two weeks and get one for free with prime shipping. xD


HA! It’s gone. Good thing I made a screenshot:

And yes, definitely happening.

I would predict announcement on Monday. Maybe unboxing videos over the weekend.


Where is the 2800X ?


Rumors are that it’s not happening. Leaks suggest that the 2700X outperforms the 1800X very well already and no need for more segmentation. I welcome the limited selection. Since they’re all unlocked there’s really no need for three 8-core parts if the yields are good enough to keep the market happy with two.

Not in the US. 2400G is at ~$163 at Amazon and Newegg. PCPartpicker doesn’t find it any cheaper either.


I think two things might be happening here: First, I expect the overwhelming majority of CPUs are good enough to become either one of those two chips, so they make one that clocks up to 4.3 on it’s own and one slightly cheaper where you have to do the work yourself.

Second, I don’t think they are gonna leave the 1800X /2800X name to rot but this time they have to draw a clear line between the two good SKUs and the premium one. I think a 2800X might hit later when they have enough of those golden samples in stock.

Maybe just a local thing then, yeah.


I wonder how the R 2700 and the R7 2700X perform on a X370 mobo. Will it work fine with the old and slow 3200MHz RAM and can it be overclocked? This is what I’m interested in a lot :smiley:


Old and slow???


I’m not watching the market regularly, but I guild my Ryzen system in launch week using the ASUS Crosshair VI Hero and 3200MHz RAM. This was about one year ago. I just assumed there is faster memory now. Didn’t mean to offend anyone …


I mean… there is, but there already was. 3200MHz seems to be a good sweet spot if you’re not an extreme overclocker.


Sorry, I didn’t give enough information about my thoughts on RAM. When Ryzen initially launched I have seen what Wendell saif about the Infinity Fabric and that it benefits from fast memory. As far as I understand the Infinity Fabric of Ryzen clocks at half the RAM speed which means that the CCX can communicate better using fast memory. Since memory is crazy expensive I’d like to see CPUs based on ZEN+ oder ZEN 2 be less memory dependant for performance. I bought 3200MHz RAM because ASUS said it’s the fastest supported RAM speed for the Crosshair VI Hero. I wonder if Ryzen 2 will be less memory dependant or perform well with the RAM I bought one year ago. Also I’d like to know if I can run 4000MHz RAM on the Crosshair VI Hero when … let’s say Ryzen 3 launches and those CPUs are compatible with my mainboard. Maybe if newer Ryzen chips aren’t as memory dependant running “old” RAM is not a big deal. I hope this makes more sense now :slight_smile:


What are the chances this node allows for OCing much beyond 4.35GHz, though? I think theirs is rather more of a problem of being unable to create a SKU that performs meaningfully better than the 2700x, which they already decided had to outperform the 1800x.


To be honest … I’m not looking forward to buy Ryzen 2 because I got very luck with my R7 1700 which overclocked to 4GHz with only 1.325V and LLC3. Paired with my 32GB 3200MHz RAM I score 1800cb in Cinebench R15 which is amazing performance. I’m interested to sxee how this all works out with future CPUs because I’m looking forward to see how Ryzen 3 (ZEN 2) will perform and how AMD treats the users in comparison to Intel. Since Intel is rumored to launch an eight core CPU on the mainstream platform this year things are getting very interesting for me. And I’d like to know if memory speed is limited my my mainboard or by the IMC of my R7 1700 :slight_smile: