The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion

thought id try and get my troubleshooting thread in front of some people that may be more familiar with Ryzen

Anyone see this yet? From the looks of things the zen+ refresh might be more interesting than I had originally expected. Obviously taking all this with a grain of salt, as these are just leaks and rumors for now.

Minimal IPC improvements + latency improvements + memory speed + clock speed…
Somewhere in the range of 5 to 15% improvement overall depending on task.

A good product optimized to be a little better in every way.
Typical second gen, think Sandy Bridge. :wink:

Speaking of Sandy Bridge, in April we might see people upgrading from a 2600 to a 2600. xD

For the people wanting to update the price cuts to clear stock has begun.

Those prices have basically been in place for a while, I think.

I might try to pick up a 1200 for supercheap, like 60 to 70 Euro, because I still have a passive RX460 around that would make for a nice little HTPC. Also not a bad thing to have to update any first gen board.

Has anyone gone passive cooling on Ryzen?

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Found this Reddit thread that might be of use to you:

Sounds like Passive might be just out of reach, but if you were to do a beefy cooler that you could just spin at 500rpm, it would be about as close to silent as possible.

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That thread is about a gaming oriented approach. Mine would be more straight up HTPC and maybe retro/light gaming. But thanks. :+1:

I am thinking more of underclocking/undervolting the CPU and putting something stupidly huge on top of it. Should be doable.

I think it’s doable then. If you do this, please report your findings. (a 2400g or whatever might be a candidate as well)

Yeah but since my adventure with the APU in my laptop is still in progress and I already have a passive polaris solution, I would prefer to go classic Ryzen.

I’ll post here if I get lucky.

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If by “beefy cooler” you mean dual tower, they aren’t always necessarily more effective.

I’m talking about something with more thermal mass so it can handle spikes of heat load better.

The latency improvements are the big one in my opinion. Should help a lot with TR and it’ll be interesting to see if the trend of improvement continues with zen 2. The memory speed is a big one too, especially for gamers. I remember seeing somewhere that a 1700 at 4 with 3600mhz ram was virtually identical to a 7700k at 5ghz with a 1070 or 1080. Not a bad refresh!

I am playing around with ideas for parts that I already have…
It wouldn’t be a completely fanless system but I could get away with buying very little.

… why do I have to be such a hardware whore? :rofl:

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AMD just posted this video.

And Videocardz has this story:

I guess we are up for round two.


Also, from the comments of the Videocardz article:

1600X vs 2600X // SPECS


The whole thing could be an early april fools but maybe not.

Would not be surprised by these results, a bit higher consumption for the higher clocked models but overall still pretty moderate for 8c/16t parts.

Also found this on AMD’s facebook page, some of these look really nice.

Hell yeah!


Got my money saved for the new Ryzen launch, thought of getting the first but decided to wait on the second gen. Also while moving my PC I dropped it on the floor and everything in the case is broken but magically every piece of hardware survived. Next time some one goes to hold the door and the deaf dog runs out the door into traffic, I will probably still toss the PC on the floor to go save the dog…

Probably the last time I spend $279 on a case though…

I mean tossing a $70 case on the floor is much cheaper…

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That first french link is some words, they dont need any clicks, terminate :raised_hand:t2:

Ryzen 7 2700X hubla habla AMD hubla AYYYYYYMD hubla habla hibilibulu? 1800X 12nm hublahsdiufhsidufhsldkjfb buy our magazine

Seem to have shaved off from ram latency as I wished, and to set that to some perspective, basically 8700k vs 1800X is +25ns, and that 2700X is only +15ns

These hertz bumps would be healthy upgrade to my 1700 which only goes to 3.8GHz and I have to keep it 3.7GHz :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Super bonus:
I bet that many buy this time that most expensive Ryzen chip, and that “nobody” buys new motherboard :man_shrugging:t2:

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Holy shit, yeah those are on the way out.