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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



I would assume it’s market segmentation. If B350 was wired the exact same way as X370 then that would be one less thing to differentiate the two, and I can assure that AMD and board partners alike don’t want to cannibalize sales of their high(er)-end products.

Although even a GTX 1080 loses like 5 FPS in games at x4 compared to x16, so ehh?




Would be exciting ordeal to OCD that Ryzen so that firstly I’d overlock each set to their maximum, then those literally become the states for precision boost, and lastly I’d adjust that voltage for all cores doing the worst duo’s hertz

Then it’d go some odd
2x 4.5
4x 4.4
6x 3.9
8x 3.7


I haven’t really actively read the article, but the difference seems relatively consistent at 1080p, 1440p, and even 4K.

EDIT: The “Performance Summary” page lists x4 1080p at 96% performance, x4 1440p at 96% performance, and x4 4K at 97% performance.


Thanks. Everything that I’ve been able to find points to it just being a ‘bit’ that flips high if an X370 chipset is present and suddenly you’re granted extra functionality that was there the whole time… I can’t think of any other setup.

Just when you thought pay to win only existed in video games :slight_smile:
IMO forcing market segmentation like that is…uninspired.

At least I learned some more about SOC/uncore and PCIe root complexes.


Well I checked and Witcher 3 seems to go 10fps 4k, 20fps 1440p, 40fps 1080p

Thats why I asked

and it seems to scale perfectly with the resolution, and there is no odd stuff like some 1440p would for example scale 1/4 instead that ½


In my experience high(er)-end products will often have a larger profit margin than low(er)-end products. More money in their pockets if they can push people to the more expensive things, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Imaginary price tags

100 shit
200 larger shit
300 meh
400 hey
500 <- kinda new price range, it doesnt make me feel anything than its the most sane option
700 actually cool shit
1k+ just why


99 & 199 things and you have house full of underwhelming half broken shit :smiley:


Kinda wish it was just X370, A320, X300, & A/B300.

The A320 chipset is just so close to B350 in terms of I/O. Without B350 to muddy up the waters, I think we would have seen much more interesting micro ATX boards utilizing the X370 chipset capabilities.
Because of the larger gap between X370 & A320, I think it also would lead to the chance for competition to drive prices down on X370 boards and space for extras on A320 boards without overlapping the market segments.


I’m looking to build an APU system. However I have a very tight budget and thinking of getting a 2400Mhz RAM instead of those 3000Mhz over, would this be a huge compromise? I only want this machine to be able to play Dota smoothly.


Just X370 for all AM4. IMO.

@RazorLR1 Don’t skimp on ram too much, with current prices savings aren’t going to be big anyways and the difference in graphics performance is. 2400 vs 2666 is like 10$ in case of a single 8gb dimm. Although for APU dual channel is definitely going to be better so kit-of-2 4GB dimms. very yes. much wow. Gains falloff starting from 3200 onward however.


Ok thank you


Wendell said the 2400G APU is not ready for Linux yet which is sad. I think it gives me an excuse to wait.


Well there should be improvements in 4.16 kernel next month. That’s what I’m waiting for to install on the HTPC (not proficient enough to play with pre-release).


Yeah, I don’t have a desktop raven ridge system but my guess is that the problem I have on my laptop might also exist on AM4.

If someone could confirm that…

I have less problems with 4.16 but the main thing for me is the GPU driver crashing hard and that is still happening.


That’s interesting. If someone read this but haven’t seen the YouTube video it is at

Is your thread the one that Wendell referenced there, noenken?


Could be? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I haven’t monitored all the things happening here lately but in combination RR + Linux is not that common, so … yeah, maybe.


I´m kinda currious about the upcomming X470 boards.
Would be nice if Asus made a TUF series for it this time.


Are there any rumors that i/o is gonna change? Are they adding in an extra multiplexing chip or something?

I hope it’s not just “we’re putting out a new product because it’s a new year but it’s not different it just has a new name.”