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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



Wow, Amazon temporarily OOS already on the 2400G:

I caved and ordered it again. Upcoming mandatory OT at work means disposable income and need for stress relief :grimacing:


glad i ordered when i did


My next question is going to be who makes a mITX board that can be flashed via USB without needing a compatible CPU? I really don’t want to take apart my loop to grab the 1700X for like… ten minutes…


ryzen 2400g back down to 169.99

ryzen 2200g back down to $99


I made a build for school work.
Ryzen 5 1400 paid $130 back when it was on sale
Powercolor r5 260x paid $20!
Hynix 2400mhz 8gb paid $55!
Bitfenix neos when it was on sale for $25
Gigabyte ga-ab350m-gaming 3 paid $40
Corsair mp500 120gb paid $60
Shoved in an old Seagate barracuda 1tb drive
Evga 500w paid $25 on black Friday.
This is my ryzen build!


AMD is devolving before my eyes.

Another nice comparison I would like to see: Upgrade or drop a 560/570/580 into an existing Kavari build?

or 1050/1060


So when can I expect Ryzen in my Amazon Echo


Can these new apu’s do ECC memory on any current mITX board for a small zfs storage system?


The Gigabyte claims to support ECC, but no idea if the APU itself does, although presumably it should as it’s as much Ryzen as the other R3/5/7 CPU’s.


If anyone knows how to test for actual ECC functionality I can test the ASRock mITX board probably tomorrow evening.


I’m not so sure about ECC on these. Looking at AM1 and FM2 the APUs haven’t been doing that historically. It would surprise me if they do now.


“Body is too similar to what you recently posted” but it is valid so shut up, forum software!

Since this thread has so many eyes on it, I’ll spam this one time:


so i bought a ryzen5 2400g with a gigabyte AB250n-gaming/wifi mobo. the 2400g wouldn’t boot (needed bios update) , so i bought a ryzen 3 1200. updated bios , install the 2400g and all is good.

i had some ddr4 2133 ram (dual channel kit) i put in there, it ran ok with that. i overclocked the ram to 2933, and it is stable there.

overclocked the 2400G to 3.9Ghz and its stable there, albeit hot (need a better cooler, and hot enough i didnt try for more Ghz). so i returned the cpu to stock settings and left the ram overclocked to 2933; it seems to like that.

now i have a spare ryzen 3 which i may build into something to sell.


What? that’s just wrong. You should be able to update the BIOS without CPU being in the motherboard.


the mobo i bought didnt support upgrading the bios without a cpu :frowning: .


Might find another forum member in need of it for same reason…


that thought did cross what little of a mind i have left …


If I had a GPU to use I’d offer to rent it.

As it is I submitted the RMA “boot kit needed” form so we’ll see what happens there.

Worst case I’m back here in a week after having bought someone’s el-cheapo HD 5770…


I pray my GPU will not die cause I can’t replace it.


pm me if you run into troubles.