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Is there a list somewhere of boards that not just accept but actually DO ECC?

Raven Ridge unboxing:


The Gigabyte and ASRock X370 Boards all generally do ECC.
Gigabyte Gaming 5, ASRock X370 Gaming K4 & Taichi etc

B350 is hit and miss. X399 obviously all handle ECC.

Also follow up: MSI Boards look like a crapshoot right now regarding ECC.
I mailed an MSI contact recently and he couldn’t give a clear answer on if their planning to ever add/fix ECC on at least some of their X370 Boards. So I’m taking that as a solid no.


Anyone running the new bios (4.60) on an ASRock AB350 Pro4 who can tell me whether this bios / agesa update comes with regrouped iommu groups?


Ryzen 2400G benchmarks showing up (3200/2933/2666 RAM):


newegg has the ryzen3 2200g at 129.00 US and the 2400G at 189.99 US.
amazon has the 2200g at $99.99 and the 2400g still isnt listed.
price gouging anyone?


You can still buy the 2400G through the cached page I believe. Oddly enough it shows up on the new listings but still can’t actually browse to the description page itself.

Newegg is being pretty scummy though.

Edit: eh?


If someone could hit single Firestrike Ultra score I could get some perspective to things :roll_eyes:


Threadripper question: Will new threadrippers that will be lunched in second half 2018 work in old x399 motherboard?


They should, as all the Ryzen 2 chips have been confirmed to work on X370/B350 (probably A320 as well) with a BIOS update.


yes and newegg’s “sale” ends on tues
Sale Ends in 2 Days (Tue)


RIP GT1030 and RX550


Actually a 2400G and a 550 would make for a really interesting cheap mITX passthrough system to play with I think… maybe 1C/2T for host and 3C/6T for VM?

Edit: maybe this would be irrational, but with GPU prices going nuts… at least something to play with. Pascal’s Linux drivers are decent yeah?


Looks like the 2200G is the new standard for low budget / newbie systems.

I can say that I am very happy with Vega 8 even in my relatively low TDP laptop. (Lenovo 720s, 2500U)
I haven’t run games yet but KDE desktop and video playback are a breeze and I am only on


Memory scaling on the 2200G, seems like dual channel 3200 is where you wanna be.


same Newegg /Amazon standards in Canada too… 159.99 at Newegg , 129.99 at amazon.


Seems like its still following that pattern that every second is better, although these should also lower that CL when going down

Still, updgrade paths from 3200 CL14 are 3200 CL12 & 3600 CL16, in that order


I know it goes against the whole point of budget system given where memory prices are right now…

But I would like to see some benchmarks of a system with 2x8gb 3200mhz (all reviewers are doing the ‘common sense’ 2x4gb configuration) and more memory apportioned to vega igpu (default is 1gb in the bios… which is why most benchmarks at 1080p have to be set to low to stick within available ‘vram’, would like to see it set higher).

Why 16?

I figure with os sucking up gb’s on a windows system and vega igpu sucking up an extra 1gb, this might not be leaving enough for the game logic (we already have games that are creeping above 8 without this additional main ram overhead so setting it above 1gb while only having 8gb of ram would most likely cause more harm than good).

I know its silly and doesnt make sense but I just want to see the igpu pushed to the max.

All in all, very impressed from the reviews I have seen so far.

I have a 4790k build that I am almost complete on and it doesnt really make sense to stop now (90% complete) but if I didnt have that on the go I think I would have definately gone for the 2400.


Check out Hardware unboxed. I thought most of the reviewer got send out 16G kits @ 3200. Steve has some benchmarks at different speeds and even single channel vs dual channel.


odd, watched that one but completely ignored the memory config

think I am just tired right now

watching it with more scrutiny now :smiley:


I thought it was 512 by default? Depends on the MoBo?