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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



How would a vulnerability in PSP be fixed then?


Firmware update. PSP runs at Ring -2/-3 and is never touched by the OS.


via BIOS then.


You got it :wink:


Well that’s never worked well for me on Linux :slight_smile:

to clarify all my motherboard vendors support installing files to pen drives using their windows installers or via DOS


Use a VM with USB passthrough if needed.

But most mainboards Fimrware these days just read the binary file from any USB. No dos flash tool needed.


The bin files for my motherboards historically were not directly available as a direct download belive it or not :roll_eyes: Also a VM … well i don’t have a copy of Windows and i don’t have a physical media drive so for me patching BIOS is kind of just hoping the vendor isn’t a stupid an offers direct donwloads of bin files to a usb pen rather than requiring a windows download manager ( yes that is a thing )


Especially on a relatively new platform that would be enough reason for me to never buy anything from that brand again. Who does that?

Also 16h and 17h are Jaguar and Ryzen. I didn’t know those numbers and I am probably not alone on that one so here is the list.


from memory MSi.


Your not alone. I know the name of the product … lets say Kaveri and i know the name of the architecture lets say steamroller… i didn’t really look into specific gen numbers. But thankfully my CPU upgrade cycle is prehistoric levels so im not on 16h even.


From the 17h PPR (Processor Programming Reference)
What interfaces the PSP/SMU Provide on Ryzen. Just found it worth posting.


Page 26

I wish the 17h BKDG (Bios & Kernel Developers Guide) will get released some time.


our inheritance from God :slight_smile:


Will be interesting to see what zen+ or Ryzen 2 is actually. Im glad AM$ is still a thing but hey my Ryzen 1700 is still kicking ass. I can hold out for zen 2 or Ryzen 3 ?
Im even leaning toward threadripper 2 but I do like games.


Hadn’t seen this here yet.


Has anyone been able to do nested virtualization with the ThreadRipper platform with KVM? I keep getting kernel panics in the hypervisor VM. Note that normal virtualization works perfectly fine, it’s the nested part that’s being difficult…


So I was doing a Ryzen 1600 build…

Selected an inexpensive ASRock B350 board, DOA…

Great rebate on an X370 ASRock Killer board, cheaper than other brands B350 so jumped on it. Afterwards people here warned me others have had issues with this board. Assembled, loaded windows, ram posted at rated 3200 speed. Overclocked to 3.7 with slight voltage boost. Past AIDA64 for a couple hours.

Next day started loading wife’s specified programs and on reboot, black ASRock screen and unresponsive. After email discussion with ASRock they recommended RMA the board. Because of the good deal, I asked Newegg for a replacement. New board, same issue.

Now I jumped through all the normal hoops with ASRock, different ram, PSU, GPU and no joy with the first Killer board.

Frustrated I went to local brick and motar and purchased another board in price range. A MSI B350 Pro Carbon. It has boot lights. CPU posted, passed through to ram, then stuck on VGA which is normal if running discrete. Black screen and nothing.

So back to the brick and mortar, this time I bought a CPU, Ryzen 1700 as they were out of 1600s. I put it in the Killer board as I still had it and bingo. Success. It is now at wife’s work running perfectly and she loves it.

Now I have an extra board and will do another build after I get replacement CPU from AMD. That MSI board is a nice board.

So Ryzen 1600 died after less than two days.

Moral of the story… it is not always the motherboard. Or ram on Ryzen. And the CPU can post but fail.

I was lucky that parts were not an issue and could afford them. I had spares around to do most troubleshooting. Now I have an excuse to build another PC. I feel for those who get stuck in the same situation that don’t.


Are you running clean power into your systems? UPS? Also checked PSU?


Yes, dedicated circuit even.


Had a Seasonic 520W and an EVGA 650W. Well above what was needed.

All parts were swapped out with others and failed until CPU was swapped out.


SFF Threadripper build?

Edit: this seems to be the only video mentioning it so far, but I expect it to show up in a few more in the next day or two.

Edit 2: I was wrong.


That is sweet!