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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



Compare these 2700U test results.

Particularly contrast those with how the Android numbers are:
Something is really broken with Geekbench…



And the 2500U results:✓&q=2500u


How about:

If you are lucky, you get much more than what you expected, if you are not, you got exactly what you paid for.



This reminds me of the old Phenom 2 days, when people bought the triple core (remember those?) Phenom II 720? Some people bought it, because they wanted to unlock the 4-th core…
Aaaand then they had to use the triple core 720 instead of the quad core 920 or 940 or whatever it was…
Not to mention some people bought dual core phenoms for the same exact reason and was left with dual cores…


When i upgraded my actual dual core Athlon II I bought a Phenom II X2 and unlocked it. Worked fine up to 3.6GHz.



Nice! A new 8 core instead of my 1600x would be nice.


Anyone else hoping for some IMC improvements/refinement? Otherwise I’m pretty happy with performance on my 1700X and probably won’t bother upgrading.


Ryzen2 seems to be coming in April.

Official AMD press release:

And a short video.


AMD have also price dropped Ryzen right after I got one, the bastards…

Also the APUs have been announced but they are only 4 cores… Why no 6 core 95W nobody knows. 4 core 65W it is…


because they can’t fit 6c on 1 die yet, and 1 die is reserved for ‘vega’. Do note that the APUs are faster and ~same price as the 1200/1400 MSRP.


I do believe there is some space in there for some vega stuff…
But yeah, I see your point…


amd gets hit with trivial bug.

i am not clear on whether the TPM is onboard or a separate chip.

note :
trivial to exploit if you have physical access. not a trivial (meaning low priority) bug.


It requires physical access to exploit apparently. And by that point you already have something seriously wrong.


Nice timing to take advantage of the bad Intel situation. But then they cynic in me wonders if there getting rid of these 1gen Ryzens for updated models with less PSP issues. I would at this point wait for a refresh before buying another CPU.


Correct. The RCE title used is not the most accurate.
It’s technically an RCE from the point of view that’s it done from outside of the PSP, but that still means physical access to the system itself in this case.

As for timing. It’s purely coincidence. 90 day release window from time of reporting the issue.


Is there an easy list anywhere of AMD CPU or APU’s that have PSP hardware installed out of interest.


Family 16h and 17h. It’s that easy.


Thanks. Would kernal patches or firmware mitigate or reduce PSP exploits ?


Doesn’t involve the kernel at all actually.