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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



Oh damn I was just thinking loading that latest Taichi bios and doing more things, and read earlier about agesa 1007 coming for that Raven Ridge

Then its like 2 weeks away and it would be stupid to see effort for week straight just so that I get to recheck everything with that newer BIOS version :upside_down_face:


Ryzen mobile APUs launching today. Honestly it seems impressive and some interesting core changes. Very much Ryzen 1.5


Good, now Intel has to compete on all fronts, as does Nvidia. Competition can only mean good things to come.


It’s just as well he listens to somebody , he won’t listen to me.

Worth a look !


Stumbled across this old article on oc3d and thought it was worth adding to this thread… (relevant necro)

“Kerrisdale Capital Investments”

Worth remembering that name in case you come across future ‘analysis’


That reminds me of JayzTwoCents… When GTX 970 came out and was slightly behind 390 back in the day, we all know how that turned out in the long run, well Jay then predicted, that AMD will not release 500 series GPUs. He said 400 will be faster than 900 Nvidia, but when 1000 comes out it will destroy AMD and they will go bankrupt. This is why he doesn’t recommend anyone buying AMD. Cause in 2-3 years they will go bankrupt and the 300 series will stay with no support from anywhere.


2 to 3 years from now or when he made the projection?


I don’t really remember… I believe the 300 series just came out or was about to come out or something like that.
He made it live on an episode of TechTalk with Barnacules.


If AMD does go bankrupt it is because of poor marketing, poor products in the past, and the monopoly nvidia and intel hold over them. Anti competitive practices from intel and the like.


Doesnt help that even when amd do have competitive products that key influencers push people to intel / nvidia

There is a bit in that vid when he talks about reviewers constantly recommending the i5 7600 over the 1600 for ‘no compromise gaming’ and futureproofing due to its better scores on the 720p tests.

…but updated benchmarks and focusing on modern games show ryzen ahead :confused:


Yep, most reviewers are just another branch of Intel’s (as well as Nvidia’s) marketing departments. People want to find out what’s best for their needs, they have to do research. And even if they don’t want to read articles, they would still have to research YouTubers and find out if they’re not in the competition’s back pocket.

Aw man, homework?

No one wants to do that shit. People want their information spoonfed to them, no matter how frivolous and trivial it is in the grand scheme of things.


HP Envy X360 first impressions (someone has one in hand):



Asus released new bios and the Pinnacle Ridge rumor mill went to warp drive!
I LOVE warp drive! :slight_smile:

Back in Sept November was the release timeframe thrown about and 12nm

If Ryzen 2.0 to is overclockable to 4.5 that would be great, if it can be pushed to 5ghz happy happy happy!

Rumor is like Star Citizen, only cheaper


R5 2500U review, looks pretty good.


I installed the 3203 on my Prime X370 Pro… and my wifi card compatibility went bad and kept the system from POSTing at all. Also it will not let me roll back to 1201 or any previous version.

Otherwise system works fine. Just beware, maybe wait for another revision or two for those reading this.


if I have a dual rank kit, does disabling rank interleaving in the bios basically turn my dual ranks in single rank ram ?


Ryzen 3 1200 with 8 cores :grin:


If you are lucky - great… If you are not… Then you are left with Ryzen 1200…


UFC 218 this Sat., my body is ready.