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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



The 3200 memory is so expensive. I settled for validated 2666 memory at ~2/3 the price because cost was creeping in.


That sucks man…

I am curious to see how my ram does. Dual rank 16GB sticks at 3200. I will report. It’s Samsung, just don’t know if “B” or “S” die. We will see. I will be starting the tube runs tomorrow. First priority is stressing the GPUs to make sure they are good before cracking the warranty sticker. Should be done this week.


Nope, not even on there. The thing is, it is being heavily marketed as “designed for Ryzen”, so I wanted to try it out. It wasn’t about playing it safe, I got the memory around 15% below retail and I knew I can send it back if I had to. I’m also not looking for help or advice, just wanted to “share the experience”. :wink:

It’s fine, only thing lost is a little time.

Yeah, good luck and let us know. What kit exactly did you get?


yeah, but other people read as well :slight_smile:


I got Flare X 3200 and it sets just fine after this last bios update… I used to go to 2933 and kick up the BCLK to get my 3200.


Nice. What board are you on?

Just to clear that up: I am not shitting on the RAM itself but on the claim of it being so great for Ryzen. I am sure it is perfectly fine memory, in fact memtest86 found no error in multiple runs at 3200. But on my Prime X370 Pro on the latest BIOS it does not run stable under actual workload (mprime and handbrake). That isn’t the fault of the memory (most likely it is just the memory controller on my chip that is limiting) but with Ryzen logos on the box and stuff like that, it should be a sure thing to run it at the rated speed.

So running FlareX instead of Ripjaws on my board and on my chip does exactly nothing except being way more expensive. That is why I am calling out that “made for Ryzen” marketing and advise against those super expensive RAM kits.


CL16 3200


Wow, 16GB sticks and four of those. I would not expect that kit to run at anything above 2666 if even that. But I wish you luck, man. :+1:


It’s on X399 so I have higher expectations than 2666.




Day 1 today. Installed Windows 10 Pro, utilities and a few programs. Set fan profiles, saved settings and went for the ram clocks.

I was unable to post at 3200MHz on DOCP, but was able to get 3066 on DOCP with zero tweaks and tighter timings. It has been running Prime 95 for a hour and twenty minutes. I have high hopes of getting there with some tweaking.

Samsung ‘B’ die baby… ya…




That is very impressive given the capacity. Nice! :+1:
Also try handbrake and just to make sure give it at least one run of memtest86.

Are you planning to OC?


Ya, ya… more programs … lol Remember this is day 1.

It is still running Prime95, now two hours.

Of course, but much later. I made the CPU water loop and wanted to test before continuing and having to rip it all apart because the CPU wasn’t seated or I bent 100 pins.

Now I have the Vega 64 (x2) on air. They are getting blasted next. Gotta check them out before I void warranty on the Sapphire (bastards), XFX will still warranty if I water block. That is priority so I can finish the build. Then once all programs are in and everything is set and settled, overclocking will follow.


I’m surprised this thread hasn’t segfaulted yet.


New Agesa for ASRock X370 boards are starting to appear.


Thanks for the heads up, installed and running stability test right now.


@noenken my mobo is an ASRock x370 tai chi with the latest bios… runs so smooth I havent even used BCLK since the last bios update.


Yeah, I’m not touching BCLK either and 2933 is good enough for me on Ripjaws. Asus Prime X370 Pro.


before @ 2933 i lowered cpu ratio and used BCLK to get 3.9 cpu and3200 ram …


Ryzen 5 2500U Geekbench:


Whats some of the smallest Ryzen based hardware that once can buy without sacrificing performance? Reason im asking is because me and a friend are planning on shoving a modern ryzen build into the base of an iMac G3