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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



… uuuuggghhhh … c’mon, AMD …


The Asrock mITX AB350N is decent I think (a friend bought one and is happy with it), and if you make sure the VRM is cool there shouldn’t be any issues running a 1700 at stock (again, same friend and with 32GB of 2666 DDR4).

I guess it depends on what you mean by performance sacrifice. What’s your baseline? Golden chip running at 4.1GHz or just stock speeds? Different requirements there in both power delivery and cooling.



Over clocking is not a priority, but it is a bonus. PSU for this sort of project might be tricky though especially since I’ll need a GPU(probably 1070 mini)


I thought for sure ryzen would be 14nm until ryzen 3 and ryzen 2 having higher clocks like 4.5ghz.
There talking 7nm for ryzen 2. And the fab is alreading taping out 7nm on other cpu’s plus there talking 7nm for Navi.
Imagine an APU the size of threadripper at 7nm!

Love this quote:
“We’re not a one hit wonder”


If Zen 2 is backwards-compatible with the current AM4 implementation, lots of people are going to be very happy.

Me included.


EUV hvm is getting closer every day. Samsung also recently confirmed initial 7nm production is still on track for a 2018 release.

EUV litho has come a long way with current machines reaching high enough wafers per hour to start considering mass production and acceptable down times.

Good times are coming!

Edit: samsung press release:


No idea what happened to 7nm


This is supposedly related to zen+, whereas zen2 was roadmapped to be 7nm.


Yea I started to read the article and “oh” :slight_smile:


Nice, 3466mhz ram doing the business.



Finally! I was beginning to think that article I read about the laptop vendors wanting to put Zen in their new models was rumor.


WCCF is slacking they only posted it 30 min ago.
I know they didn’t spend 7 hours confirming the story :slight_smile:
Cut copy and paste journalism


Single-channel memory? Please tell me that’s a typo on somebody’s part…keeping both a CPU and a GPU fed with just system memory is already hard enough.


Afraid not. Though it does appear to have room for a 2nd stick by way of a cost increase / upgrade. What surprises me more is the 2400MT max – why not 2667?



Man i am really impressed with what AMD came out with here.
Just for the hell of it i figured id “stress” the die abit, litterally running 19 .rar compress jobs at once(just your run of the mill steam library compressions) while listening to some youtube music at 4k.
And not a glitch, I mean my mechanical harddrive i moaning cause it has to do a billion small writes at once, but the 1600X is just chugging away albeit at 100% capped.


I’ve been very impressed with mine. I’ve pushed the CPU load to 100% along with RAM at 100% and it always leaves my system useable, at least in a responsive way. Did the same thing with the (albeit seven-year-old) Xeon at work and it stalled the system completely.


Prob revealing Raven Ridge tomorrow