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The RYZEN 1000 Thread! Summit Ridge - General Discussion



Question: I have some registered ECC DDR4 here and would like to put it to use in a kind of low power NAS. Is there a chance for Ryzen to get that stuff going on some boards? Or is registered just not gonna happen?

Forget that, just saw memory prices and I think I’m gonna try to sell it.


oops! Asus and Asrock accidentally confirm threadripper 1920. Both manufacturers mention the CPU in their list of compatible processors.

12 cores with 24 threads, 3.2 GHz clock speed (I believe), 140 watt tdp and 32 MB L3 cache,


Is there a Ryzen APU thread as well? I haven’t seem to have been able to find one.


No idea but … I mean it is still Ryzen, right?


I’m really looking forward to next week’s Threadripper benchmarks, builds and reviews on YouTube. Much more so than the APU’s


I don’t think anyone has enough details on the Ryzen APUs yet to start a thread on it. I mean, they’re definitely on the roadmap but AMD hasn’t actually said much about them…


Well, they are so far steamroller cores with fury x stream processor graphics. Meaning lower cpu performance than Ryzen 3 and lower graphics performance than 550, because the apus have less stream processors.
I read somewhere an article about the upcoming apus…


Yar, there have been a few leaks and whatnot of some APUs in the last few months, but I’m much more interested in those than the HEDT stuff. Hype for it, but I wasn’t sure if there was a specific thread that I couldn’t find. Thanks for the responses!


Have fun


really looking forward to the apu’s

if the ryzen apu can perform like a 1300 AND have fairly kick arse integrated (7870 or 7970 level) then it should “DESTROY!” all current budget gaming choices.

Just wondering if amd are going to bother carrying on with the whole apu onboard + crossfiring with a specific gpu thing they used to do… it never really worked out well.


Embargo has lifted. Threadripper videos are up.




16 Cores and using as much power as an 8 Core…
Hawt Damn. It scales

Even for the i9-7900X4.5Ghz overclock comparison that’s quite impressive actually.
I mean It doesn’t clock as a high. But that’s 6 more cores running 600Mhz slower using only 10W more :laughing:


Even better when you see that TR runs cooler too.



I’ll just mention that the latest BIOS (v0807) for Asus Prime X370 PRO has added a lot of tweaking options in the form of the AMD CBS section, which contains P-State overclocking. Seeing this I wouldn’t be surprised to see this coming to more boards as well.

Unfortunately my testing has me conclude that P-State overclocking on this motherboard and for what I’ve read reported elsewhere a lot of others as well needs work. Primarily it doesn’t seem to be possible to directly control the voltage for a specific P-State. There has been whispers of another update from AMD to the AGESA code into the version of, and maybe it could contain improvements to P-State tweaking as well.

So it could become a great thing in the future.


Well, so much for “AMD certified” FlareX memory… bought four sticks at 3200MHz, won’t run at 3200MHz. Tried just two of them, still unstable. Dropped my OC, set SOC to 1.15 and ultimately even loosened timings to 16, 16, 16, 16, 36 and my system was like…


That’s why."

So that stuff is going back ASAP. I get 2933MHz with cheapo Ripjaws. I don’t even know anymore why I thought I wanted that stupid FlareX crap…

Learn from me: Don’t buy into bullshit overpriced RAM!


I have the same issue, although with Corsair Vengeance LPX (Hynix die) 3200MHz. On the 0807 BIOS I got 3066MHz on two sticks but with four I’m stuck at 2933 again. Not really a big deal for me though, there are no guarantees in overclocking after all, and this is still a new platform and architecture.

I think for the past three to four years everyone got used to marginal steps by Intel wherein the issues were all ironed out and everything was either a node change or tweaking the process so it all still worked just fine.


Yeah, I just wanted to give the example that even B-die, the supposedly holy grail of memory for AM4, won’t do shit when your chip is just not getting there. Next gen Ryzen just have to tackle two things: push the clockspeed while not setting itself on fire and overhaul the memory controller. Everything else is amazing.


Sooo… Does your motherboard have those modules in it’s mem support list?
We all know the platform have it’s issues. Play it safe. Get memory that is in the list.