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Any talk of the APU line for AM4 yet?


This has been the biggest disappointment for me so far. I was hoping for some premium offerings like the ITX Impact board I have running my i5-4670K.

I don't want to feel like I'm downgrading in the mobo department to move over to Ryzen. :frowning:


There is only so much you can do with ITX. I suspect the X370 biostar itx board will be mostly a bragging rights board yet is feature identical to b350


That's why I'm looking for something from ASUS, since they have a history of using riser boards to cram more on their RoG Impact series.

Honestly, I'm just looking for something with above average on board audio, with built in headphone amp like my Impact does. I could buy external means to drive my headphones, but I like not having unnecessary stuff taking up room on my small desk. (Headphones are 250ohm)


ASUS has a history of making enthusiast level server boards as well.


thought that you may find this interesting. AMD's Robert Halick masterclass on Ram overclocking from 3:35 on


Interesting. According to this guy anything above 1.425V is not safe for long term processor life.

^^ Linked to timestamp


learned some much from this thanks.


For some reason ASRock removed all the older BIOS version for a lot of their boards.
Wonder what's going on there, usually even the oldest stuff stays around. Guess 2.20 is now supposed to be the first 'stable' release that they are comfortable with.


any ryzen 7 owners benchmark with firestrike ?

I was looking at rankings and I noticed by far the largest variation in scores has to be the combined test. the highest being 8000+ points with the lower ones being 6500 points. Anybody know what causes this ?


The physics stuff is running purely CPU and is using all cores full tilt.


the problem isn't the CPU speed, but rather for some reason for some ryzen users on the combined test GPU usage is not at full


I see something while junking out on witcher :slight_smile:


I finally went for it. I have had my ryzen system for a month now. Finally am upgrading my boot drive to a 500gb sasmsung evo 960 m.2 drive. I had a 840 as the boot drive for some time. But the speed just couldn't stop me from getting it. So I will have 1.5tb of ssd capacity.

So my Ryzen build is thus:
1700 clocked at 3.8ghz
16gb of 3200 ram
msi gaming pro carbon
gtx 1060 asus
samsung 960 evo 500gb drive
samsung 840 evo 500gb drive
crucial mx 300 525gb drive
750 watt psu


Maybe there was a serious flaw?


It is because of the higher memory latencies that Ryzen is currently saddled with compared to an equivalent Intel system. An Intel system runs with about 45ns latency compared to the best results so far of about 62ns on Ryzen. On release, they were at around 100ns so there has been some pretty big gains so far.

Physic scores have always been about where they should be, like cinebench, because by themselves they are not being limited by the frequency\latency performance ceiling. That all changes when you run both the GPU draw load and the CPU logic load together.

As the memory performance has improved, Combined scores that started at about 6500 at release day are now up into the 8000 range. 7700K will do about 9000 and a 6900K about 10000. Timpspy CPU scores were also at 6000 or so at launch and the best tuned memory systems now are now scoring 9000+ as the latency has come down.

The amazing thing is that the tech media in general is still basically in denial and goes out of its way to ignore memory latency at all costs. Maybe prattling on with the rubbish about windows scheduling and ccx thread switching is more glamorous?


Since I have been waiting on usps to deliver my RMA ram from G.skill, I was looking around in curiosity if I should just buy new ram cause it is taking so long... I found this... 64 gig 4x16 3200


Funny story. I got my ram back for my ryzen motherboard today, from G.Skill. I put a note in with the receipt and such, which basically said I would gladly exchange this ram for the recommended am4 pc 3200 14 latency ram... well they sent me that very flare x ram. Sweet.


In case anyone is needing to look at AMD related driver crashes here is their symbol server