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APU's will really come into their own when we go from ddr4 to ddr5
Still 4 ryzen cores and rx 460 on a single chip may be attractive for sub 400 dollar laptops


I'm going to be genuinely excited if AMD offers a HEDT platform. The AM4 launch seemed pretty lacking and mainly focused on gaming setups like the Z270.

We will probably find out more of what AMD plans to accomplish on May 16.

Also, where the hell are the VEGA leaks?!


The only HEDT that would maker is a CPU that does 4.5-5ghz. Because ALLOT of software just isn't capable of making use of multi-core functionality very efficiently so the pure MHZ rating of a single core or two is going to be the main thing for high end desktop users (gamers).

It be nice if they could release a CPU that could reach that performance level on a single core (first) and just run normally on the others. But I don't think that is a technical possibility given how yields and binning works.


On the 31st of May AMD will have a press conference at Computex. Most likely Vega will be announced there together with announcements on the CPU side of things. Ryzen 3 is expected to be introduced and there are also rumours the HEDT platform will be introduced. The press conference will be held between 10am and 11am local time.


Hopefully we'll also hear about more ITX boards. #Hype


We'll certainly get more info on the ITX boards. Asrock's board is arriving some time in June and Gigabyte will have their's out by late June as well.

I'm personally looking forward to the Asrock board, but it would be nice as well during computex to get some updated mITX heatsinks that work with AM4 and even some new heatsinks.


4094 pins are going to be a tight fit on the ATX format though


I'm also looking forward to this. I'm hoping for an HEDT announcement. I have a need for as many threads as possible. I have an x99 system, but if I can get more threads reasonably, I'll take a peek. Still taking a "wait and see" approach given it's a new platform. Productivity First and Gaming Third.

I'm hoping AMD follows up with a GPU solution that can power [email protected] with a single card! Then I'll be like a pig in crap with AMD.


When Kavari came out the base was 3.7, months later 7890 with a 4.1 and turbo was 4.3.
Over the next year Ryzen will have some very fast nice OC'ing cpu's


This is totally not because Ryzen.


Bring on the core wars :slight_smile:

Maybe software will get coded for it.


Look at this beast of a socket!
This is what i have been waiting for from AMD, to have as a workstation and replace the aging x79 I've got.


Also, R7 1700 in a laptop :smiley:


Ah, so that is what the teaser image was about.
17" .... completely useless to me. But hey, 16 threads in a backpack isn't bad.


Ryzen / Vega chips could be interesting. Im not a laptop user but boy that could stir up the market.


You missed your chance

Thread Wards


Now THAT is the board to get


The socket & bracket solution they made for that board is just f*ckin beautiful!
Steel reinforced bracket front and back, Spring loaded hinge, Torx screws.
Very well engineered.

Looks to be same for the AMD Epyc server platform.


X399 hey, I doubt Intel is happy with that name choice by AMD...


Yeah the thread ripper and naples should basically share the same lga socket.

I also noticed on the zenith that there is a slot for a m.2 daughter board


This is just pornography [NSFW]