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The Level1Techs KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) Switch - 4k/60hz monitor & USB Switchbox | Level One Techs


I am considering buying a unit if another batch becomes available, but I was wondering whether you have any plans on doing one that supports DP 1.3/1.4 or HDMI 2.1?
I am thinking of buying one of the upcoming 1440p 200 hz ultra-wide monitors and a KVM switch that can support this would be awesome.
I realize that this is even more niche than a DP 1.2 switch, but I figured asking can’t hurt.


Hi wendell,

I’m also looking to purchase the 4 port dual monitor model when they are again available. If there’s a possibility of getting one sooner than the next run then let me know.

Much appreciated.


Hello wendell,

I am so interested on the KVM, will it be possible to grab one any time soon?

Kind regards :slight_smile:


@Wendell, update:

I’ve spent a bit of time debugging my issues. Using only the cables provided in the kit, I’ve been able to narrow this down a bit. Looks like my 580 is the problem. I’m unable to switch back to it on Linux or Windows successfully, VM or bare-metal. On the 1070 Ti and on my Fury (only tested windows bare metal on this one), switching appears to be pretty solid.


Interesting. I have run into this issue on the D300 (mac fire pro card) but ONLY the D300. Also amd. With a reference 480 and an xfx 580 I can’t re-create the problem exactly but sometimes the monitors come back out of order. a “display port splitter” might fix it because the bug seems to be in the handshake on the card.

do you know how to pass a custom bios to the card at boot time from ovmf? I am tempted to tell you to do that with some other 580 bioses from techpowerup and see if you can isolate one that does not cause the issue. start with ones for your same aib partner card then try the reference 580 bios and see if that makes any difference?


MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8GB is the model label. If you want me to, I can shut down that system and get you a model number (or serial, if it helps)

I don’t have much knowledge of this, but I’m definitely willing to learn. Is this doable through libvirt or am I going to be needing to use a command line launch for that one?

I’m going to double check that the GPU is actually flashed with the latest firmware first. I have a bad habit of not touching GPU firmware.


You dont actually have to dump the rom

see if you can see a newer one for your model card, and/or try some other 580 bioses? you dont actually have to flash y ou can use romfile= to specify that bios to init the card.

its super handy. can even make geforce cards behave like quadro this way in some cases :wink:


I’ve been using the 480 as my host GPU for a bit, this is going to take a bit of finagling, gonna take me a bit.


the good news if you do find one that works, you know you can safely flash it onto your card, then it works everywhere


Yep, just switched back to the 1070 for host, reconfiguring everything now. Since our conversation the other day, I’ve moved back to fedora as well, so hopefully no more passthrough issues will rear their head.


@Wendell, update:

I’m encountering the one-core-pinned initialization issue on Fedora with this system as well. I’m going to log my debugging process in the other thread.

In regards to the actual KVM though, I’ve found that nouveau on Fedora 27 (4.15.9) has issues recognizing both monitors on the 1070 even with the good cables. Once I switched to nvidia 390, the problems reduced considerably.

I’ve also found that using the good cables (provided by you) between KVM and monitor has improved the success rate of input switching. I’m still not entirely confident this is entirely a KVM or cable issue though.

Do you have an ETA or plans for a cable bundle item on the store? I’d love you forever since it’s not very prudent for me to order a 500-unit bulk order in a situation when I only need 6.


Nouveau does seem to have super crappy error handling


Sooo, is there a chance you guys are making another batch of kvms?


yes, it will be 4-6 weeks before this batch is ready. Debating on whether or not to take pre-orders. Anyone up for a pre-order?

There are a couple of issues users have reported that made me worried I might need to prep a newer firmware but so far (knock on wood) the only issues are not fixable from my end w/firmware (mac pro 2013 handshake failure, and graceful handling of displayport noise).

I am thinking I may also sell a cheap displayport repeater/conditioner/spliter that will likely resolve almost all issues with weak and garbled DP signals, and buggy graphics cards like the D300s in 2013 Mac Pros and some USBc adapters).

I will want to add some notes about the edge cases we’ve encountered so far to help people w/their purchase. The next largest annoyance is the OS can re-arrange windows and icons when switching inputs. There are some ways to mitigate that but that’s not really a KVM thing per se.

Also old USB logitech wireless recievers are buggy AF and need to die.


Are the level1 KVM switches coming back?

I’ve found that Gnome sometimes encounters this, but Windows does any time the monitors go to sleep, A solution might be to never sleep the monitors. I’ll play around with that idea. (I’ve got a dual-head solution working for my bare metal windows system, powered by Fury)


Windows has an option to use edid from file on Nvidia and that also works great.


Oh, that’s awesome! Come on, AMD. Get in the game!


Yeah, I’ve been wondering about the interaction of the KVM switch with Windows’ stupid re-arranging behavior. It would help if you could clarify that.
EDID override is only supported on Nvidia’s Quadro cards, as far as I know, or is there some other way of doing it?


generic solution?


Im down for pre ordering. I just got moved from field programming to office programming. Not in a hurry just put-in together a set up. :slight_smile: