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The Level1Techs KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) Switch - 4k/60hz monitor & USB Switchbox | Level One Techs


I’m also looking forward to the next run, i’m thinking about switching my home setup from one windows pc to a windows pc for just gaming + a linux pc for everything else, with OBS gameplay capturing NDI over lan. if only my gsync panel had two inputs :frowning:


I am excited for Looking Glass but unfortunately I bought a MSI B350 board with my 1600x so yeah… But I have this nice System76 laptop so I just use it as my Linux rig and the other as my windows rig. May do a vfio build later this year if looking Glass keeps heading in the positive direction that it is.


@Wendell, encountering an interesting issue. Running a Windows VM on my RX 580 and connecting DP to my two U2415H monitors. ([email protected])

On Linux (Pop os and Kali) it works just fine, but on Windows, I can only output to one monitor at a time. When I plug the monitors directly into the GPU, they work fine in dual monitor mode. I’m running the latest Radeon drivers in the VM and I’m getting full GPU acceleration.

Basically, Windows detects both monitors coming through the KVM, knows exactly what the model is (even has the Audio output on the active one), but they don’t work correctly in dual mode. I have to select “use only monitor 1” or “use only monitor 2” to get one monitor working.

When the system boots, I can get two monitors “working”, and I can drag windows over to the other one, but there’s no output on the actual second monitor.


How deliciously random. What about 1/2 on different inputs? Does that work? Try other dp ports on the rx580?


That was my first thought. I’ve tried just about every combination of ports on the 580 and the KVM.

(I wouldn’t bother you unless I couldn’t fix it with my troubleshooting skills)

This is a fresh install of W10 (1709) so I’m actually rebooting the VM for updates now. I hope that fixes it, but I’ve got my doubts.

EDIT: Updates completed, no luck.

EDIT2: the monitors are now showing up in Device Manager as Generic PNP Monitor (maybe they always were), but the supported resolutions are displaying correctly.


Let me see if I can setup a test this setup prolly this weekend


No rush, Windows is for Games and outlook. Neither really need 2 monitors.


This KVM (single monitor version) looks like EXACTLY what I need, and that I’ve been unable to find elsewhere at the price. I’m gutted that you’ve sold out! Is there a way to get notified when additional stock is available? Thanks.


Just got mine today. The KVM works GREAT with my LG 38UC99. FreeSync is required to get this monitor running properly at 75Hz (over HDMI it works but will frameskip), so I needed something that was rated for DP 1.2. I also noticed the input switching is quite a bit faster than toggling back and forth from HDMI to DP on the monitor itself.

Very happy! :smile:


Yo. How do I get on a waiting list for the next batch? I need a good KVM switch in my life.


Can you dm me some pics or a diagram of this setup? Going to try some things


I also occasionally get a problem detecting one of the displays when switching to the Linux system. unplugging and re-plugging the cables between GPU and KVM fix it.


Apologies if this question has been answered specifically in either the video or the forum, but to confirm, do these DP KVMs solve the issue of Windows moving all apps/windows around due to thinking that a monitor has been disconnected/reconnected? It’s the only thing keeping me on an HDMI switch, and I’ve tried boatloads of registry tweaks to fix it, but crappy DP KVMs don’t address this.


iirc it does not actually disconnect the monitor. I just switches what is being displayed but as far as the video card is concerned there is still a monitor attachted


you would want to solve this in software – it cannot be guaranteed. There is a software fix however.


I just discovered your video on this today. All sold out :frowning:

I’ve tried two different DisplayPort 1.2 KVMs in the past with a [email protected] 4k-DCI display and both of them cut out all the time. I wrote a review about them:

I sold all that gear and started driving around the US. Now I’ve got a legit setup again, this time with a regular 4k-UHD monitor (3860x2160) and want to try setting up a KVM between my Linux dev laptop and my MSI gaming laptop, but they don’t seem to be any better KVMs on the market.

If you ever do another run of these, I’d love to be on the waiting list. This is hardly a niche market, but a totally legit desire for a lot of geeks like myself.

I suspect going forward, we’ll see more monitors with multiple USB-C ports and we’ll see a lot of this functionality move to the monitor itself (Some Viewsonics already do this, but I learned about that after I already bought an LG display … I prefer the LG displays anyway).

I’ve seen some HDMI2 KVMs, like the one you have linked, but I’m trying to avoid going that route since my MSI Laptop doesn’t have HDMI2, just DP1.2 (and I’m trying to get some life out of it, rather than sell/trade it). My monitor also supports 10bit/HDR, but I have no hope of any KVM supporting HDMI 2.0a or DP 1.4 any time soon.

If you ever do another run of these, I would love to be on the waiting list; would buy one up immediately.


I am working on a new firmware and will have another batch soon. The firmware will resolve some issues that @sgtawesomesauce ran into and some issues specific to bugs present in Radeon firepro graphics cards in Mac Pro 2013 .

From your review:

This. A thousand times this. Almost all the issues so far have been from too long dp cables or dp noise. The display is totally black because of hdcp handshake failures.

My kvms are not perfect but work well. Today I’m testing issues for sgawsome and another user that reported issues with 3440x1440 at 75hz which is also near the bandwidth limits.

I have tested 38 varieties of dp cable. Only the 2 meter cables in the optional bundle kit pass my tests with flying colors.


In that case, can you share the PN of the cable in the bundle kit so that I can order some more? I only received 4 DP cables in my bundle kit (expected) so I can’t fully utilize my KVM with “approved” cables.


5K1FN13501 is the Dell part no from the oem BUT I have also got counterfeit cables with the part # when ordering amazon! The slow boat from china in 500 unit quantities is the only way to go… sadly… maybe I should create a stand-alone cable item on the store. thinking about it, the cables have been a bigger issue than expected, though not hugely bigger than expected. I mean I was expecting a non-zero set of issues with cabling, but it also hasn’t been just comically bad.

I guess there are a lot of shitty dp cables ot there…


Yes. I like this idea.

When you think about the sheer amount of data being transferred over the cable, it really doesn’t surprise me that we’re running into issues trying to mess with the connection.