The Level1Techs KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) Switch - 4k/60hz monitor & USB Switchbox | Level One Techs

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The one you had on camera is going to Linus? You did drop it for him correct? That way he doesn’t have to drop it himself, it can be pre-dropped.


Siiick, two years ago I was browsing for a good Kvm but it just didn’t exist outside enterprise market, and even then what you got for thousands of dollars wasn’t great.


Is the price on the website wrong for the dual monitor model? It says $660.00 for me up until purchase. I was expecting ~$550 due to the site saying there’s a 20% off discount.

try now, something about creating an account first


Don’t need… but really want.

on the bright side if level1 moves a significant volume (e.g. 10k units) well we can lower the price by quite a lot :smiley: but I wouldn’t hold my breath hahahaahaha

still though, having ahd to spend zillions of other peoples dollars on crap kvms, I’m pretty happy with this. I need to get about 150k together and do a network kvm that’s not totally awful, too, that supports virtual media. and doesn’t cost $4k


Someday I’ll have enough disposable income to build a little SFF PC and then I’ll have a use-case! :joy:

Isn’t this just a Display Port version of the StarTech unit? Same chasis, and seems almost same layout…

its very similar, probably the same oem, but if you’ve used the startrech version you know its garbage :smiley:

this is 1080p hdmi only (??) as well, for about the same price. seems like… not a good deal even on ebay?

there is a 4k/30 hdmi version floating around somewhere, too, I thought. Internally it is pretty modular so probably similar control board but muxes are likely to be way different, beyond the firmware, too.

For those of us willing to get our hands dirty, would you care to share firmware updates/patches? I’d probably take mine apart the day I get it just to have a peak inside…

hey @wendell - Reposting my comment off YouTube… this is a better place to discuss ha!

I let my IT friends know this exists. I know a friend still rocking a 4 4:3 monitor KVM across Ubuntu and Windows 7 and this should prove interesting to test.

Works now, thanks!

@wendell Now that you’re fluent in DisplayPort after messing with Korean monitors and working on this KVM, are there any resources for learning how the protocols/framing/packets work that you could maybe recommend.


This is exactly what I have been looking for, and the price is awesome… but shipping to the UK… totally going to get bent over by customs for tax

I also dont seem to see the discount once added to basket, even once I created an account.

Any chance of a 2 PC, 2 monitor version?

Otherwise great work on getting a good set of KVMs out there.

@wendell I’m very interested in the 2 monitor KVM but I have a question I’m hoping you have time to answer. In my use case one of the monitors would be connected to the KVM via an HDMI to Displayport cable and one of the computers would not use the monitor output, but only the keyboard and mouse (3 computers total connected) — would this configuration work (basically I’m mostly worried about the HDMI to Displayport cable)? Thanks!

Sounds like an awesome product!!
and if i had the need for one… I’d get two.

Now you just need to make a two way version that supports quad monitors :wink:

Since it obviously has a USB hub in there for each PC… I am surprised there isn’t a port for each PC on the front too simply for convenience.

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