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The Level1Techs KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) Switch - 4k/60hz monitor & USB Switchbox | Level One Techs


Oh wow, that’s interesting, I wonder why I’ve never found this while doing my research.
If this fixes Windows’ re-arranging behavior completely, you may have just saved me a lot of money. I need to try this :slight_smile:
The only thing confusing me right now is that there is 6 monitor entries, even though I only have 4 displays connected to my PC.


This would be fantastic. I think there’s definitely demand out there for a problem-free 4k displayport cable.


I would love to pre-order one of these for the office.


I’d be up for pre-orders.



I would also like to pre-order. Thanks!


Any update on the firmware? This damn 580 is still causing problems, apparently.

[14416.826574] [drm:amdgpu_atombios_dp_link_train [amdgpu]] *ERROR* displayport link status failed
[14416.826619] [drm:amdgpu_atombios_dp_link_train [amdgpu]] *ERROR* clock recovery failed
[14417.006517] [drm:amdgpu_atombios_dp_link_train [amdgpu]] *ERROR* displayport link status failed
[14417.006564] [drm:amdgpu_atombios_dp_link_train [amdgpu]] *ERROR* clock recovery failed
[14417.212912] [drm:amdgpu_atombios_dp_link_train [amdgpu]] *ERROR* displayport link status failed
[14417.212962] [drm:amdgpu_atombios_dp_link_train [amdgpu]] *ERROR* clock recovery failed
[14417.392861] [drm:amdgpu_atombios_dp_link_train [amdgpu]] *ERROR* displayport link status failed
[14417.392908] [drm:amdgpu_atombios_dp_link_train [amdgpu]] *ERROR* clock recovery failed


This is noise on the DP line. This is going to sound weird, but can you put the metal case of the KVM in contact with the metal case of your computer? wondering if it is a grounding issue maybe. using the l1 cables for the 580?


Using all L1 cables. They arrived last week. Thanks babe!

I’ve actually got the kvm resting on top of my case (Meshify C), I can drill in a grounding strap/cable if you think it’s worth going all the way.


which 580 is it? using an asus 580 it seems flawless. Is this on bare metal or vm?


Bare metal and MSI 580. (linux)


Also game for pre-order.


This KVM is something I’ve been looking for a while! I have a gaming desktop, and work laptop, and I switch back and forth between the two fairly frequently, and it’s usually a multi-minute process everytime to get all the USB devices + inputs switched. Also, my current KVM-less setup requires that I use HDMI for the laptop, and completely lose high refresh rate.

Quick question: I have two monitors, one is 3440x1440 100 hz, and one is 1920x1080 144hz. The ultrawide seems like it’ll be very near the bandwidth limit, has anyone had any experience with this?

I’d be up for a pre-order!


The widescreen will be very near the bandwidth limit. Based on customer service support inquiries for sure keep the total dp length at 4m or under


I’m also interested in pre-order.


I’m planning to mount everything close together, so 4m won’t be a problem.

As has been noted before, I have found that finding a good DP cable can be a pain, so I was planning on just ordering the wire kit together with the KVM once these are available. What is the length of these cables (< or > 4m?). Thanks!


L1 dp cables are around 1.99m


I am also running into issues on my WX5100 when attempting to use 2 monitors with the KVM.

Using these cables:

4k Displayport Cable Blackout

Can you take video? Anything on the event log about edid link failures?


I will gather some info for you. Should I post it here?


Sure or dm.