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The Level1Techs KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) Switch - 4k/60hz monitor & USB Switchbox | Level One Techs


Hi All - I can confirm 100Hz for Gsync works on the single monitor KVM… and I made a video too



I think the cable idea might be a winner. I’ve played around with the cable combinations and I think I narrowed down which cable was bad. I’ve ordered a replacement cable and will keep you posted!

Edit: Primary monitor stopped working again. Nvidia control panel thinks there’s a repeater. Also, it won’t work with 1080p signal either.


Anything in windows event log? I’ve seen situations where weirdness on the line would lock out resolutions or cause a 4k monitor to max out at like 1920x2160 – mostly with displays that support mst dp1.1 (or not) – so that may still be related to noise?


I saw nothing in the event logs. However, now I feel really dumb. I’ve turned the displays to dp1.1 mode and its fixed everything. Everything switches perfectly now no issues (at least at time of posting).

Thank you!


Interesting. What are the specific models and mfg date of the monitors? I bet they have very early dp1.2 support. I have a Dell monitor that has mst dp1.1 and dp1.2 support but its dp1.2 is buggy. Dell has a newer firmware if you call and bitch at them tho. I’m building a sort of “known buggy hw” list. Ty VM glad to hear it’s awesome


I have a Dell U3415W (MFG date: Jan. 2016) and an Acer K272HUL (MFG date: Sep. 2016). I might end up yelling at Dell to get that newer firmware though. Anyways, thank you! 11/10


Out of sheer curiosity (and because I’m on vacation) I brought my Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard home from work to use for a bit since I really enjoy typing on it and I found that the only way I could get the CUE software to properly recognize and attach to the device was when it was plugged in to one of the USB3 ports instead of one of the HID ports. From the logs CUE could see the device, and it showed up in devices as a Corsair Strafe RGB correctly, but it wasn’t able to read the protocol from the device. Plugging in to a USB3 port allowed CUE to properly attach to it which lets me to do things like control the lighting but also means no hotkey switching, which didn’t work when connected to the HID port anyway until some further reading led me to find that hotkey switching will work when connected to a HID port when the keyboard is in BIOS mode. That’s probably what was happening with my Razer keyboard, running Synapse must take it out of BIOS mode to enable the extra features of the software.

Does this KVM (single or dual monitor) support disabling the emulation? I read some ATEN devices allow this. It was mentioned on the sale ad that the KVM was tested with high-end RGB devices but doesn’t make clear if that was with the USB3 ports only or with the HID ports as well.

Still loving the switch, just trying to iron out the kinks for the smoothest UX possible. :slight_smile:


This is why the USB3 ports work the way they do – there isn’t really a better solution that I could come up with. USB3 tries not to mess with the keyboard at all so in general things will work, but you will lose keyboard shortcuts because it can’t read whats going on with the keyboard in that case. Literally just passes through to the host.

The hid ports give you the option, but at a cost of compatibility with some devices. A lot of keyboards now like the razer (and it depends on firmware version of the keyboard!!) will be in bios mode by default until the software handshakes then all bets are off. It can’t handshake through hidmode, unfortunately.

Most of those keyboards were never designed to be used through a kvm so we gotta have the physical buttons too.

Most other KVMs don’t even let those types of peripherals work. So that we have usb3 ports that pass through stuff properly is generally already miles better than anything else I’ve tried.

So that way you’ve got some different ports that operate different ways, so you’ve got options.

This is also why, generally, other peripherals like digitizers will work correctly too (through the non-hid ports)


Okay that was what I figured, seems like Corsair has their keyboards in normal mode (?) by default but the BIOS mode does persist from what I read, you’re just left with a blinking scroll lock light which is a little annoying so I’ll pass on keeping it in BIOS mode. Corsair says they don’t test with KVMs at all (and seems like they don’t want to based on a forum post I came across) and that makes sense considering how most of them work as you mentioned so I can live with using it in the USB3 port, the KVM is in arm’s reach anyway. :slight_smile: The shortcut is definitely super convenient though.

Thank you again for your involvement with this product, I agree that the market really lacks devices like this for enthusiasts and I’m so glad that it’s finally a reality.


@Wendell, Do you have an ETA on the next run of these KVM? I’m eager to get my hands on one. I don’t mean to keep bothering you, but I’m kicking myself for not buying during the pre-orders.


Wednesday next week will have some right away shipping ones I’ll try to remember to ping you before tweeting.

The last batch went out today for everyone that pre-ordered. Wooooooooot. We sold. Rather more than expected.


@wendell don’t forget to ping me. Cash is ready :wink: Delivery to Fort Mill, SC like last time please bruh. And add all my goodies.


Thanks a lot!

I’m not at all surprised.


Seems like orders are live again now, just snagged one! :smiley:


Yes and all the preorders finally shipped. PHEW. Big thanks to everyone who participated in this experiment. It went much better than expected. And the kvms are really pretty swanky


Mine just arrived. Works great on my systems.

One question: Is there a full list of hotkey controls somewhere?


Scroll scroll 1-4
Double tap numlock to reset Logitech wireless receivers

Left Ctrl can be used for 1-4 as well


Sweet. On the other KVM I had, there was a feature to lock audio output to a specific system, does this one support that function?

EDIT: found it, ctrl, ctrl, F5


I am really sorry I missed this. I would give quite a lot to get a dual head KVM like this, but by the time I got back from vacation they were already all gone. If you ever decide to build another run of these please let me know!


I have a few extras I can probably set something up I will order another batch soon