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The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why?



Talking about Stouts beer. A startup company in my country is making this. I quite like it:

Knap was a greeting, good luck wish saying for the miners that worked in the area. The name of the beer “Kramp” is a dialect word which means Pickaxe.


The balisong in the background might be the best part of the photo :wink:

I wonder if the local import shop can get it…


haha yea i am constantly playing with it. Was in the middle of drinking and took a picture. Offtopic I was surprised after reading how restricted it is in some countries to find out it’s perfectly normal here to own it/ have it in your car, just to have it in public it’s not allowed ofc.


I should clarify I was speaking of importing the beer, not the knife.



Can we get those here in the USA?


I was able to from my local liquor store here in Oklahoma, but I’m not sure if many stores keep it in stock. Also, I’m not sure if it was a limited run or not. Just ask your local store if they stock it or if they will order it.


Will do that. Thanks!


A heady homebrew with dinner. I think this one was made with the first year Cascade hops we grew, so probably made August-ish last year? It’s held up surprisingly well, malty, just a little bitter, not very hoppy but I’ve still got a lot of learning to do.


My buds in Florida talk about their beers non stop, had a few of them last summer. Great tasting, but there is a very artificial taste to them. Can only drink one before having to switch.


Columbus brewing company IPA is my goto.


I use to like IPA but now i think i burnt myself out on them.


My problem with those is they all taste soo similar… You can grab 4 ipas and barely taste any difference, but do that with Porters or stouts and you can tell which is which


some of them are better than others but i can see what your saying


Oh yeah you can definately tell the quality difference… but if they’re all the same quality then it’s a crapshoot.




The wife picked out this Berliner Weisse today, it’s a decent one although a bit sweet on the uptake and fades into the sour a bit towards the end. Crisp and light, quite nice really.


Another sour! This one from a semi-local brewery. An amazing, slow-drinking, very dark ale, practically a porter.


super late reply:

Finally had a sticky treat. A total wine and more store got some in and damn did they go fast. I expected something very sweet, given the name, but it was a mellow, low toned sweetness on the back end. 7/10, wouldn’t buy it again.


Unknown Imperial Teleporter
Served in a relic from a different time.


Big Wood Brewery’s Big Black Wolf (black IPA). This was the birthday beer from the new thing aquired thread… it is absolutely excellent.